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Kanye West - Late Registration Review Post


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Well, I don’t do too many reviews, so bare with me my peoples. “Not by age, but by wisdom is knowledge acquired.” So I will gladly fill you in for those of you skeptical about purchasing Kanye West’s new album.

The Purchase – Simple, I got it as cheap as I could. An easy spotter. A cop surveying the store. (minor note) So there it is on the shelf. The famous bear opening the doors to what looks like to an early century building that’s instilled with pride and class. I noticed the ‘Y’ and ‘W’ are towering over the other letters. Why, I have no idea. No I got the “Limited Edition” Don’t worry about seeing Kanye’s face on the insert. It’s just the bear. Perhaps it’s a mascot’s shame in entering college. The insert is 3-D-ish. A nice touch if I do say so myself. I got a poster with mine. The only picture of Kanye you’ll get. Sorry Kanyelettas. Again, the bear is on the other side. I have yet to understand it. Now, “Tardus Subscriptio”. I didn’t take Spanish, but I know that that’s “Tardy Subscription”, hence Late Registration.

The Listening:

1. Wake Up Mr. West – Maybe not wake up, but certainly shape up that attitude mister. It’s a Bernie Mac imitator. He sounded kinda sick to me. As the Mac speaks, a sad pride of piano comes in as if to say “I’m going to make something of myself, no matter how bad you badger me.” Wake Up Mr. West!!!…

2. Heard Em Say – Personally, a favorite of mine. I’m no stranger to the pop/rock guys, so I know who Maroon 5 is. If Adam wasn’t on the chorus, I really do think the song would fall apart. Not so much that it’s bad. It’s just you won’t enjoy it as much. It’s a nice vibe with the drums and piano melodies. At the end, it grows into an African melody with triangles.

3. Touch The Sky – It’s a nice track. Very parade-ish hip hop. A come up song for Kanye. Yes, it’s a come up, even thought you make think, “Kanye wasn’t as great then as he is now?” Chill, baby. It’s all good. Lyrically, he’s good and you can feel him. He doesn’t turn you off with this one.

4. Gold Digger – Well, the current single being pumped right now. What I wonder is, why does YE (yes, it’s a nickname of his) samples Ray Charles saying “She give me money, when I’m in need”, when the women discussed on the track are the Gold Diggers. Go figure. (hey, that rhymed. I should be a rapper) If any female rapper wants to counter this song, might I suggest the title “Dumb N****s”. Come on, it’s fitting. But anyway it’s a single, and it’s a semi-hit. When I was at a friend’s party, his cousin who’s a year younger than him was reciting the chorus. That is so G-Unit. Jamie Foxx is a feature because he sings on the intro. That’s it. The rest is a sample. Sorry.

5. Skit 2 – Broke Phi Broke (we ain’t got it). Own no cars. Can’t afford no gas. Not driving, then comes the “Drive Slow” Ah, college life.

6. Drive Slow – Southern vibe with Paul Wall and GLC. Now Paul Wall reaches back to that good MJG Eightball flow. Just can’t top the those guys. It’s the Houston style. I already heard “Pump Ya Brakes” phrase by the freshest MC of this day and age still, Mr. Will Smith. Well, on this one, instead of pumping them to avoid danger, they pump them because of feminine temptations walking the street. (ok, I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with so. Exchange the ‘s’ for an ‘h’) Easily, I can tell this will be a vibe in people’s cars. Towards the end, it slows up.

7. My Way Home – This one is with Common. If you’ve heard Common voice projection and flow, expect nothing less. It’s a matter of taste. Common is a good emcee. And Kanye,… isn’t because he isn’t on the track.

8. Crack Music – The story vibe of crack destroying anyone and everyone. For anyone who knows me, you know I’m a fan of The Game. He’s a feature on this one, just not a strong one. No verse, just a “That’s that crack music n****/ That real black music n****!/”. And it’s harmony of la-la-la-la’s in between. The beat is very good as well. No sped vocals. Just a straight track of regular voices. Kanye does a poem at the end as well.

9. Roses – Soft opening vibe and Kanye rhymes the everyday vocals that people(some, ok?) think as a family member lays in a hospital bed. It’s a easy feel track. Kanye’s rap is tolerateable. The reason I say that is again, because a matter of taste. And for some reason, as I listened, it felt like Boyz II Men member Wanya Morris would sound good singing. I guess because I heard a voice that sounded like his. Anyway, good track.

10. Bring Me Down – Brandy comes back around. Opening starts with violins, and it starts off with her vocals. It sounds like the good ol’ vocals of Brandy. Kanye’s rap had me raising my eyebrow. Particularly when he said “…since Pac passed away, most of you rappers don’t even deserve a track from me/…” Now what exactly are you implying Kanye? Huh? So anyway, everything is good on this one. And Kanye only has one verse. Fair share of the track I guess. Brandy does her part and beat is a good vibe

11. Addiction – This one grabbed me instantly. I love the beat. If I could get on it, I would. Kanye seems to let his flow follow with the beat. He’s voice is clear and he delivers the rap fairly well.

12. Skit 3 – Broke Phi Broke is back again. They would sing this to get you to join them. (sure you know that episode where Will and Carlton join the fraternity)

13. Diamonds (Remix) – The NY MC Jay-Z is on this track. Just too good to resist, huh Shawn? Well, Kanye’s verse makes sense with his “Diamonds” video that came out a while back. Too bad you released the wrong version. The 2nd verse is the original but Jay-Z steps in and as he said on the track ‘handles his business’. And Jay said “Good night” not good bye, so expect him on another Kanye track.

14. We Major – Really Doe (who is this cat, well I don’t know, really doe, I don’t. haha) The beat has Nas written all over it. For those of you who have Nas’s “Street Disciple” album, will know what I mean. The song is bragging rights. Things we can do, that you can’t. And if you just so happen do what we do, we still do it better. Kanye is decent. That’s it. Since it’s bragging rights, you Kanye will do his part. Nas’s flow is great. I love hearing him. I’m a fan, so sue me. Nas notes that he is a free agent and mentions Motown. What? Motown. Hey, there are rappers on there. I’ve done my research. I say go for it Nas. But I don’t know how receptive Motown would be. It’d be a nice change of production for Nas. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. And so is Kanye. Because just when you think it’s all over, Kanye has got to ‘talk his s*** again’. 7 plus minutes of the “We Major” beat’s variation.

15. Skit 4 – A inspiration speech by the Broke Phi Broke leader. And how do I know? Come on, why wouldn’t he? He tells the history of it quickly. And things that the brothers of this fraternity would do. Mama would stand and be the Christmas tree. Hence, the “Hey Mama” up next.

16. Hey Mama – A great vibe. Kanye did this so he’d have a song to sing at his family get-togethers. Good job buddy. No seriously. And Kanye sings a lil bit. How nice. I thought it was funny that such a line was true as this one… “I know I act a fool, but I promise you I’m a go back to school.” I guess the next title of his album will be “Orientation”. Or “Acceptance Letter”. Hey, I’m just throwing out ideas. I know the whole process. I’ve gone through it. Good track YE.

17. Celebration – A slower type of Hip Hop. “It’s a celebration b****es”. Celebrate and have fun and wave your hands back and forth. I think this is where non-fans who might try to listen will not put up with Kanye’s voice and flow.

18. Skit 5 – Broke Phi Broke finds out that Kanye is not, well broke. That’s all you need to know

19. Gone – This one is with Consequence and Cam’ron. Seem like Kanye trys to hard to impress you with his verse. It’s okay good. Cam does his style. The track is different from the usual.

20. Diamonds – It’s the original. You know what it is. So just, umm, ‘Throw your diamonds in the sky if you feel the vibe’.

21. Late – Just late, not late registration. I liked this one. Kanye said to turn it up if it felt right. It did, so I turned it up and it didn’t feel right. I guess because my ears was hurting from my headphones. Don’t take that the wrong way. It’s not one to turn up. Just listen to it nice and easy. Relax kid. All the song about is what the title says.

The Overall Analysis: It’s a better album then most rap. Kanye can rap, he just doesn’t blow you away. And that’s fine with me. If him and say Will Smith had the exact same skill, I’d give it to Will just because he’s more fitting for the part. (Now you see why he does so many movies and they end up doing crazy numbers) The moment of truth is how I rate the album numbers wise. Outta 5? Outta 10? I’ll do both for you then. (looky, a rhyme again) It’s not a cd I’ll play all the time. But it’s just something I have and it’s earned it’s place in my collection. It may sit there for the rest of it’s inanimate life, but it will be there. Favorite track, I can’t call it. Worst track, I can’t call it. Skits don’t count. So the rating is….



Kanye wants to get perfect. Well, it didn’t happen with me.

Peace! Out!

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I also Heard that they messed up on the tracklist on the back...True?

Well the one I got doesn't have the track list in the back. It's jsut that damn bear looking like he's so happy to be in school. The tracklist isn't so screwed up. They don't put in place the skits or numbers. And I like my life organized.

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I'm so back and forth about Kanye West. I didn't plan on getting the album until after hearing it (2 see if it waz worth it). However, i went out 2 pick up Rihanna's album (which is amazing) and saw Kanye's album at Wal-Mart with the bonus DVD. I picked it up just 2 remind myself of the song titles and who waz on it. For some reason i had this crazy feeling come over me that i should get it...so i did.

Most of my opinions are similar 2 FuQ's. I'm not gonna break it down, but the bests go from average to very good. Kanye's flow is never that impressive, but hardly ever really bad. And his lyrics go back and forth from inspiring 2 just doing the job. Out of all the commerical Hip-Hop and Rap out there....i'd put this album right under FP's and BEP's. Of course there aren't really any good albums on the commercial front so that dosen't say much. When i got College Dropout, i hardly listened 2 it. I think i'll listen 2 this one more, but it'll never get heavy rotation. In these days of commercial Hip-Hop/Rap....this album is as close 2 a breath of fresh air as u'll get.

Out of 10, i'd give it a 6 or 7.

Is he overrated...YES. Is he talented...YES. Is the album on the level of FP's, Common's, or BEP's...NO.

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It’s a Bernie Mac imitator.

Isn't that Cedric The Entertainer? Wasn't he the voice on College Dropout as well?

Bernie Mac was on "College Dropout", anyway nice commentary fuq I'm gonna probably get the album in a few months when the hype dies down just like I did for "College Dropout", only my favorite artists I buy right away.

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Ted, i just suggest 2 listen 2 the album in a record store 1st...just 2 make sure u wanna get it.  The only reason i get albums when they 1st drop is cuz they are cheapest then.

Yeah I might do somethin' like that, I might consider downloading it to give it a listen or borrow the CD from somebody I know that might get it early to give it a listen, there's other albums that I wanna get first but since Kanye's one of the better mcs out right now I'm gonna keep his album in mind to check out.

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