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can someone help me with the 10 pen bowling? the first time i played it, i was fooling around and not trying to get a high score, just trying to learn the game. out of all the frames, i bowled good in about 5 or 6 of them. then when i went to start a new game, i can't bowl anything but those wonky ones that Da Brakes is. i've spent 30 minutes trying to correct my form and recapture what i did in my first game but i cant figure it out. it's really frustrating and i want to punch something, so does anyone have any tips?

edit: ok, i kinda got it back, but i still bowl those stupid slow rolling gutter balls half the time. is this game f***ing with anybody else's mind besides mine?

second edit: i still cant get it, i bowled good for 5 straight frames, and now bad for 10 straight frames. this game is really messing with my head!! im doing the same thing everytime!! so frustrating!

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Tim, can u see if the tire toss game needs to be fixed or if something is wrong, when I score high like in the 500's, it wont allow me to save my score, but just ask if i want to play again or choose another tire. THEN, when i keep going and get high scores, it does the same, as soon as I get a low score, lower than the guys, it prompts me to save it...



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and with the other games... like bowling, sky gliding, etc... theres a problem too..but thats with me on this dang on laptop. haha. i dont have a mouse and I just cant get it 2getha. I tried to bowl, but i got 6 strait gutter balls.. .rolling sss llll oooo wwwww.............. haha... oh wel.... any tips would be appreciated your highness timboat!



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How do you get the numbers game to record your score if you beat it?

yeah i know what u mean, i thought it would have been funny to beat u at a maths game and i completed the board and found out lol.

Lol, is the game gone? I don't see it anymore.

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