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With the coming of the arcade games, so to must come the smack talk.

I have now beat down MaxFly at Billiards, Cone Crazy, Sheepteroids, Spark Your Neurons, Squeaky, and Sheep Invaders among numerous others.

I have slaughtered Hero at Pac-Man, twice. Strangely, it was at his request.

And, most importantly, I have caused, possibly permanent, damage to Hero's fingers from his absolute refusal to accept that I am a much, MUCH better Burger Time player then he. It was entertaining though, the way he kept thinking he had the high score.

That is all, do continue your day.

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i know real life is about more than having high scores in arcade games  :ShockRifle:

There's more to life?? What??? :eusa_snooty:


I see there's a bit of a problem with Cone Crazy at the moment, I'm sure it'll be fixed before too long. And as for Ballon Hunter, I didn't want to dominate EVERY game.... :ponder: :)

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I dont see Schnazz taking my Kwik Shot crown.. funny that..  :1-say-yes:

After a great deal of thought, as well as discussion with my family, I have decided to retire from Kwik Shot. This is a difficult decision, and it is an emotional moment for me.

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I love my video games, but i don't have as much patience with them as i used to and using a keyboard is a bitch.

I'll be back on soon and in the mood to wipe the floor with you all.

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I'm just baffled at how some of you guys can throw so high in the penguin toss! :hmm:

Man, I don't really know how I got it so high... I definately can't do it consistently. I think there's this one sweet spot on the angle of release, and ya gotta hit the seals on the way up. I usually only get 1100-1300 though.

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