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Is it just me, or is G-Unit recruiting a lot of 'M' fellas. :interesting:

MOP, Mobb Deep, Ma$e... who's next? Mike Jones, Mystikal. :hmm: (btw, I was trying to think of a ridiculous 'M' rapper, but nothing hit me, sorry. :ithinkimkanye:)

Next thing U know, they'll be the Alphabet-Unit aka ABC-Unit. Then those ggggguppies of G-Unit fans will learn the other 25 letters of the Alphabet. :smart: :rofl:

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I'm totally with u Brakes. I hated Mase back in the day. I waz giving him another chance with his Welcome Back album. I still wouldn't consider him a real emcee at...but he didn't annoy me anymore. Now i'll go back 2 dissing him. I hate sell outs...and that's what he is.

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It's like Del from Hieroglyphics said in "Stay On Your Toes" which you could say Mase is doing by following G Unit:

"Big mistake rappers make

The cake

They want it now

So they copy whose the hottest now they soundin' funny style

I know you hungry pal, me too

I need food

But I don't redo what he do"

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Mase is wack. End of story.

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I am very disappointed in Mase, he was supposed to be this gospel preaching, clean rapping minister, and now he's with G-Unit, what the hell is that Mase. You are selling out, going against all of your supposed "beliefs." Shame, Mase, shame.

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