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Its Offical


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Everybody needs money no doubt but money isn't everything in life, if that's all you talk about, then you are heartless and the heartless fools selling the most proves the way our society is!

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Yeah, when i think about those people doing it it all 4 money, i think about that line in Hitch "You're selling the stuff but you don't believe in it." These iced out wannabes don't care about Hip-Hop and it's clear that most of them don't even know what it is. They get no respect from me.

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I can see why people go greedy

Simply because they've never had it. Some may be more fortunute than us some less. Some may have grown up without even seeing a coin to there name. And then they explode with millions. Fresh Prince was poor before he blew up. LL was poor. But i understand where ted is coming from. Some things are more important than money, Like Love. Health. Passion. etc....But without Money and without love health...you will just die. And that's a sad story

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