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My Newest, Most Prized Posession


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amazing Dave... me and Julie were in stitches when you were telling us about it on Skype...! I thought they had a pole?

Yeah, but I'm pretty sure someone stole it off of the pole lol... there's an odd hole where a lock should be to hold in the coins, and it was undoubtably picked. :yeah: (I'm dancing because I'm just generally excited)

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That's hilarious.

Here's a kinda random story. My friend had a run down shed in his yard. It waz probably built in the early 1900's. It waz old, falling apart, and full of junk. Back when we used 2 steal signs, we'd put them all in that shed. About 2 years ago, the city desided that the shed waz a historical peice of crap and wanted it torn down. I think the city actually tore it down...and i'm wondering if they found all those signs. We probably had a few thousand dollars in fines in there...and some prison time. I guess they just loaded all the signs up with the rest of the rubble and took it away.

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