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who has an ipod?


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by posting our playlist i take it you just want the names of the songs.

well ive got my fresh prince playlist which is everysong i have by jjfp or will smith.

a really good eminem playlist i have is "Slim Shady" (for those who like him will know its good)

My name is

im shady

evil deeds


guilty consiencse

till i collapse

bad meets evil

the way i am

square dance

rock bottom

say what you say

the real slim shady

come on everybody

like toy soldiers

lose yourself

kill you

one shot 2 shot


just dont give a f*ck

white america

bonnie and clyde 97'

marshall mathers

as the world turns

encore/curtains down

then theres my "lay back rap" playlist, which is rap/hip hop that you can just chill to.

go! - common

pimpin all around the world - ludacris

one call away - chingy

back up offa me - talib kweli

suga suga - baby bash

all falls down - kanye west

shadow dreams - jjfp

dont lie - black eyed peas

respiration - black star

ms jackson - outkast

hate it or love it - the game

it was a good day - ice cube

thugz mansion(nas acoustic) - 2pac

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they are worth every penny! :1-say-yes: :1-say-yes:

heres my top 25 most played

1. Will Smith ftg Snoop Dogg - Pump Ya Brakes

2. Will Smith - Ms Holy Roller

3. Kero One - Keep it Alive (jazz remix) -dope track u can get it from http://music.download.com

4. Tatyana Ali & Kel Spencer - Taty Kel Freestyle

5. Abstract Tribe Unique - Through These Streets

6. John Woods - Maybe (thats my cousin ha)

7. Casual - Later On

8. Amp Fiddler - Dreamin

9. Opio - Granite Earth

10. Opio - Viva Main Vein

11. Abstract Tribe Unique - Yep

12. k-os - Crabbuckit

13. Abstract Tribe Unique - Owls and Roosters

14. Everything but the girl - Mirrorball(jazzy jeff remix)

15. Haiku De'Tat - All Good Things

16.Extra Prolific - First Sermon

17. Spearhead - Piece of Peace

18. Souls of Mischief - Drivers Wanted

19. PM Dawn - Show Me

20. Souls of Mischief - Tell Me Who Profits

21. Aceyalone - Keep it True

22. Lyrics Born - Do That There (Young Einstein Remix)

23. Queen Latifah - Life

24.Hieroglyphics - Shout it Out

25.Beck - Girl

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....They are so freaking expensive, nobody can afford the damn thing. :thumbsdown:

:yeahthat: I can't afford that either, I just listen to my CDs and tapes, but if I had one Will Smith and KRS-ONE songs would top my playlist 'cause I listen to them mostly everyday.

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call me an idiot but, i can't work out how to do the top 25 list from itunes ?? :hmm:

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Man, I-Pods suck. They are so freaking expensive, nobody can afford the damn thing. :thumbsdown:

indeed, they do cost alot, but they also hold alot of music. that's why i don't have one, because i wouldn't listen to 50 hours of muisc (or whatever it holds) and i certainly don't have the money to spend on that. u can spend like $100 these days for 2gb mp3 players, which is plenty enough for me.

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Got one, I'll just post mine later. Wes - I got my 4gb for $159 bucks without tax on Amazon. They were doing a promotion for the Amazon credit card. It just depends if you look around 4 the deals. They say 4GB carries 1,000 songs but it's really around 600/700 or so, but I'm not complaining.

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well i didn't know iPod's even came in 4gb these days :lolsign: well, my current one is a 128 meg mp3 player, which holds about 13 songs! so maybe i'll consider upgrading, however money will be a big issue. i might have to add that to the Christmas list!!

oh and when they say 1,000 tracks, they're assuming you're using 128kbs mp3's. if ur like me, ur collection is mixed and there's a lot of 192kbs (better quality) mp3's in there, which take up more space.

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