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Well, I just read on ESPN that Van Exel signed with San Antonio, and that the Spurs are now in the running for Michael Finley.

Personally, I think that Sprewell is an idiot. Last season he's like, I'm not signing this deal, 3 yrs, 21 mil, I've gotta feed my family. That is ridiculous. The league doesn't need people like that, not to mention, he is old and washed up, and once choked his coach.

Jalen Rose is a nice player, but he has too high a salary. He's one of those guys, like Abdur-Rahim, who is always stuck on a losing team. It makes you wonder, is it just bad luck, or is there some sort of correlation?

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Well ESPN'll be saying that it's gonna be a Heat-Spurs finals next summer but we'll see what happens once they start playing! :stickpoke:

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You guys think they'll possibly move Barry now? I really wouldn't mind him in Portland.

Ruben Patterson for Brent Barry? Gives us a good shooter and unloads the Jam we have at SF. Gives SA a defensive minded bench player, with heart...

I like it :thumbsup:

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Finley to the Spurs really caught me offguard, I thought for sure he was going to Miami, I am shocked. Anyways, it is just gonna motivate the Heat because Finley snubbed them. Miami is still going all the way!

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The Bulls resigned Tyson Chandler for 6 years, I'm happy, they'll be playing Miami in Eastern Finals! :yeah:

"Chandler, Bulls reach 6-year deal

September 2, 2005

BY BRIAN HANLEY Staff Reporter Advertisement

Tyson Chandler likely will be wearing a Bulls uniform for years to come after the 7-1 forward/center agreed to a long-term contract with the team Thursday night.

"I'm ecstatic that this contract is done,'' Chandler said in a statement released by the team. "To know that I will be in Chicago for the next six years is definitely a dream. Since I've been in Chicago, the city has been my home, and it feels so good to go home.''

Chandler's six-year guaranteed deal is believed to be worth about $64 million, terms similar to the contract that the Philadelphia 76ers recently agreed to with Samuel Dalembert, 24, whose statistics compare to those of Chandler, 22.

Chandler averaged eight points, 9.7 rebounds and 1.68 blocked shots last season.

The Bulls likely sweetened the guaranteed money with incentive clauses that could increase the contract's value.

"We've been fairly close for a week or so,'' general manager John Paxson said of his talks with agent Jeffrey Schwartz. "We just have to iron out some of the details, and it won't be official until Tyson passes his physical. But this is obviously great news for our team.''

Schwartz did not return a telephone message seeking comment, but in a statement released by the Bulls, he said: "This is the outcome we were working toward. Chicago is a great city, and John is taking the team in the right direction.''

Chandler, who was a restricted free agent, reportedly was hoping for more guaranteed money. But he was unable to coax another team into tendering an offer sheet, which the Bulls would have had the right to match. That gave the appearance that the Bulls had the leverage in contract talks.

"The whole leverage thing, it's a difficult thing to gauge,'' Paxson told the Sun-Times on Tuesday. "I try not to even look at it like we have leverage because I want Tyson to be back here.

"I've tried to look at this all along and say, 'We obviously value Tyson. We acknowledge that because of his size and athletic ability, he's a valuable player.' So I've approached the negotiations that way.''

Paxson's next priority is to re-sign center Eddy Curry, also a restricted free agent. Paxson met with agent Leon Rose on Tuesday to begin talks in earnest on a new contract. The deal likely would be for only one guaranteed year because of difficulties finding insurance for Curry, who was sidelined by an irregular heartbeat late last season.

"We talked about if there was a way to do something,'' Paxson said Tuesday. "Again, we're just in the beginning stages of this thing. You look at how long this thing with Tyson [had] gone on, and Leon and I have just started on Eddy. There are a lot of issues to work through with Eddy.''

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All this is going to be for nothing, I've told you all before Philly is gonna win it all :sipread:

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