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lol...Didn't Pihlly give Dalembert like..60 Mill? WHY!?

Centers have to be among the most ovepaid, because their tall.

they gave him that much because other teams would have, and they know how important it is to keep the young nucleus of the team together, which is something chicago should make a priority of doing

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still. If Portland is going to want to keep Joel Przybilla (Asusming he has a similar seaosn to what he did at the end of last year), They're going to have to throw big bucks at him...When he won't even be worth half of what teams ar eoffering him (yet).

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Nothin big but now it's official

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (AP) - Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a six-time NBA MVP and the leading career scorer in league history, has been hired by the team as a special assistant coach.

"We are pleased to welcome Kareem back to the organization." general manager Mitch Kupchak said in a statement issued Friday. "Kareem was one of the best centers to ever play the game. His skills and talent on the court were truly remarkable and we look forward to having Kareem help our big men develop these skills and tutor them on what it takes to be a successful player in this league."


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All this is going to be for nothing, I've told you all before Philly is gonna win it all

:eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty:

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Here's some news of NBA players giving back to help out the victims of Hurricane Katina! :thumbsup: :

"NBA Players Association to Donate $2.5 Million to Aid Hurricane Victims

Marbury and Houston Join Players Association to Help Hurricane Victims

by Tom Kertes

NEW YORK, September 6, 2005 -- “When I see all those babies float in the river…I think about the kids…My kids…I just hug my own son….He doesn’t even know why….” With these words, Stephon Marbury broke down in uncontrollable sobs and simply could not continue.

This occurred at an unbelievably emotional Tuesday noon press conference given by the NBA Players Association, with the New York Knicks star point guard, backcourt-mate Allan Houston, NBAPA President Antonio Davis, and NBAPA Secretary-Treasurer Pat Garrity participating. New Orlerans Hornets forward P.J. Brown, whose new house in Slidell, Louisiana was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and NBAPA Director of Player Programs Purvis Short were on the telephone from the location of the disaster. “Last week I was authorized by the NBAPA to announce a contribution of at least one million dollars to the victims of Hurricane Katrina,” NBAPA Executive Director Billy Hunter said. “I am proud to announce that we will not only meet that obligation but our contribution will match our donation to the victims of the World Trade Center tragedy. This number was never previously publicized before but we actually gave 2.5 million dollars.”

The NBAPA, in conjunction with the Feed The Children Foundation, “will also maintain a continuous effort to provide help,” added Hunter. “This will not be a onetime thing, I assure you. We will help as long as help is needed. Nor does this amount include any individual contributions players may want to make.” According to Hunter, Kobe Bryant has already given $100,000, Baron Davis $60,000, Mavs forward Alan Henderson $100,000, and second-year Bulls’ guard Chris Duhon $30,000. “Our players are stepping up,” Hunter said. “They are anxious and willing to contribute not only their finances but also their time.”


On behalf of our teams and players, the NBA sends its thoughts and prayers to victims of Hurricane Katrina. We encourage fans to support the relief efforts by visiting RedCross.org or calling the Red Cross help line at 1-800-HELP-NOW.

A group of players are traveling to the site of the disaster to distribute food and other necessaries. NBA announcer Kenny Smith is also organizing a charity game to be held this Sunday in Houston with 35 NBA players participating and making further financial contributions.

Hunter stressed the importance of “our partnership with Feed The Children, an organization that we worked with before and an organization that as of today has 90 tractor-trailers on the road to deliver food to the Gulf Coast.”

“We know from our past association that Feed The Children has the capacity, has the know-how, and has the will to help,” added Hunter. “They’ve got the manpower, the resources, and the trucks.”

“The most important thing is that we don’t just give money and walk away,” said Davis. “We want people to know that we are willing to give our time. We want to be there to help people who lost everything to build a new home and find a new life. We want to be there in every way we can throughout what we know is going to be a long and arduous process.”

“These are times when we realize we are so fortunate just to breathe and walk,” Marbury attempted to continue. “We’ve got to come together…try to live as one…think about the way we treat people…I just keep looking at my kids…hold them so tight…” Marbury, who kept sobbing uncontrollably throughout the entire press conference, once again had to stop. In his stead, Hunter announced that “Stephon told me that he will donate somewhere between $500,000 and 1 million dollars.”

“My friend Lindsey Hunter just called me,” said Houston. “He’s already got a couple of trucks and went down to New Orleans to help with food, clothes, and whatever else people may need.” Brown told of “an overwhelming situation here in Slidell, Louisiana. People basically lost everything. There is no water. There is no electricity. There is no gas. Entire communities look completely devastated, like someone dropped the bomb.”

“The devastation is unimaginable,” Short reported from Mississippi. “Television can’t possibly do it justice. We will have to stay in this effort in order to provide real help -- it’s going to take YEARS for people to get back on their feet.”

“I have 55 more semi-trucks,” Feed The Children President Larry Jones said. “And warehouses all over the country. So tell your TV stations, newspapers, corporations, maybe you have a truckload of socks, or tee-shorts, or water. We’ll have to give these people water for months and months to come. It’s going to be a long haul. We’re not going to go the second mile, we’re going to have to go the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth mile to help these people. Like Stephon said, we all need to pull together right now. We are going to do just that. And we are going to work literally night and day to do everything that we can.”

-Milwaukee Bucks Contribute $500,000 To Hurricane Relief

September 3, 2005 - The Milwaukee Bucks will contribute $500,000 to the efforts to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina, the organization announced Saturday. The commitment includes $l00,000 to the American Red Cross, through the cooperation of the Milwaukee chapter, and $l00,000 to the United Way’s national hurricane relief efforts, through the United Way of Greater Milwaukee.

Both Milwaukee chapters are cooperating with the national affiliates’ efforts to address the massive aid project by directing local contributions to their parent organizations.

“United Way is doing what we do best, mobilizing resources,” Sue Dragisic, United Way of Greater Milwaukee President said Saturday. “By directing their funds to the United Way Hurricane Katrina Response Fund, the Bucks are investing in frontline disaster relief and long-term recovery needs. The local United Ways in affected areas will now be able to coordinate relief through their vast network of agencies and volunteer centers,” Dragisic said.

“The response to Hurricane Katrina is the largest mobilization of resources in the history of the American Red Cross,” Bud McKonly, Chapter Executive of the American Red Cross Greater Milwaukee Chapter said. “We could not provide the services that the victims of this disaster need without the support of organizations like the Milwaukee Bucks. We thank the Bucks on behalf of all who we will be able to help with their support.”

The Bucks organization will continue to work with both the Milwaukee chapter of the Red Cross and The United Way of Greater Milwaukee, as well as the National Basketball Association, to assist with efforts both locally and nationally to respond to the needs of victims of the Gulf Coast disaster.

-Duhon Lends Hand to Gulf Region

Aug. 31, 2005 -- An update from Bulls.com:

Chris Duhon sends his extreme gratitude to everyone who has expressed interest in assisting the victims in his hometown of Slidell. If you would like to contribute in this effort, you may do so in either of the following ways:


All monetary donations may be submitted by sending a check payable to Stand Tall Foundation to the following address:

Stand Tall Foundation

C/O Chris Duhon

1151 N. State St.

Box 249

Chicago, IL 60610


A drop-off date and location are currently being organized. Please check back right here for updated information.

Duhon's Standing Tall Foundation is organizing relief efforts for the residents of Slidell, La. impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

Jonathan Daniel/NBAE/Getty Images

Aug. 30, 2005 -- As officials and residents in the U.S. Gulf Coast states continue to search for survivors and assess the damage from Hurricane Katrina, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is warning that recovery could take weeks, if not months.

Once the water levels recede and roadways become passable again, relief is sure to come in many forms – including from Slidell, La. native and Chicago Bulls second-year guard Chris Duhon – for those who suffered losses in the storm.

“We’re just working with FEMA,” Duhon said by phone from Chicago Tuesday, “and trying to donate and give as much money and food and clothes, as much as we can, to just help people get back on their feet.”

Duhon’s relief effort, Standing Tall Foundation, in conjunction with FEMA, is accepting monetary donations, food and clothing, which will be delivered as soon as possible. Fellow-NBA players Raymond Felton, former Bulls guard Jay Williams and Vin Baker have already pledged their support.

Located only a short distance across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans, Slidell is situated in St. Tammany Parish, where Duhon attended Salmen High School, before spending four years at Duke. Many of his family members, friends and coaches still call Slidell home.

“I have my aunt and her family and kids there,” Duhon said, “everybody I grew up with in high school, coaches. That was home.”

Reaching survivors by telephone has proven nearly as impossible as navigating the roads, which remain covered with water or have been destroyed by the storms powerful forces.

“I got in contact with a few (friends and family),” Duhon said. “We haven’t gotten in contact with (everybody). The phone lines are real bad right now. We can continue to try but hopefully everybody is okay.”

The damage and death toll from Katarina – the most powerful such storm to hit the area since Hurricane Camille left 256 people dead in 1969 – remain unknown, and Duhon is limited to the media reports and few accounts he has received from friends and family.

“(Slidell is) right next to Lake Pontchartrain,” Duhon said describing the damage inflicted by Katrina, which “pretty much destroyed or put holes in one of our highways and there’s been reports of (the water level) being eight feet above rooftops. They had an explosion and there’s bodies just floating all around. They just ordered 500 body bags today for people that are in that area. So, a lot of the city is pretty much destroyed.”

Returning home to offer assistance will prove difficult for Duhon as training camp quickly approaches, however, he is organizing the delivery of any supplies and monetary donations.

Those wishing to make any contributions may do so in either of the following ways:


All monetary donations may be submitted by sending a check payable to Stand Tall Foundation to the following address:

Stand Tall Foundation

C/O Chris Duhon

1151 N. State St.

Box 249

Chicago, IL 60610


A drop-off date and location are currently being organized. Please check back later for updated information.

You may also visit RedCross.org or call 1 800.HELP.NOW to make a donation.

-Warriors Guard Baron Davis Contributes $50,000 To Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

Baron Davis Foundation Makes Donation To Help Those In The New Orleans Region

Golden State Warriors All-Star guard Baron Davis is assisting relief efforts by contributing $50,000 from the Baron Davis Foundation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

“I played for the New Orleans Hornets for three years,” Davis said. “The damage to the city from Hurricane Katrina is irreplaceable. The news coverage has been devastating to watch and my heart goes out to everyone impacted. Thousands of people are homeless. We all know someone who needs help right now. Everyone can make a difference, even $5, just by calling the Red Cross help line.”

Davis has also reached out to his Warriors teammate, Monta Ellis, whose family has been impacted by Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi.

About the Baron Davis Foundation

The Baron Davis Foundation was established to maintain and /or aid educational, social and charitable activities serving the common welfare of youth. The Foundation's mission is to positively impact the quality of life for underprivileged and at-risk youth in the New Orleans, Bay area and Los Angeles metropolitan communities.

The National Basketball Players Association also announced that it is launching an immediate effort, on behalf of every player in the NBA, to assist in the relief effort for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The union will be actively involved in procuring and delivering supplies, including food and clothing, to the hardest hit areas of the devastating storm that ripped through Louisiana, Mississippi and other areas.

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OC Register: Bryant ($100,000) and Lamar Odom ($60,000) have committed donations to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. Bynum is donating $5,000 to the American Red Cross and $50 more for every dunk this season.

LINK: http://www.ocregister.com/ocr/2005/09/07/s...icle_665303.php

Nice to know the rookie is doin something positive.

Wizards sign Calvin Booth, 2 years, the 2nd year a player option. http://realgm.com/src_fromtherafters/86/20...ith_washington/

Damon Jones signs with Cleveland. http://www.cleveland.com/newslogs/plaindealer/

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So I was reading the other Day. Kenny smith organized a Charity All Star Game, To be Aired this sunday, on TNT. The profits from the game will go straight to the Hurricane relief Effort. All The Big name Superstars are going to compete, including Shaq, J.Oneal, KG, ETC.

Should be a good game, for a good cause. Respect for that.

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