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What's your favorite tv show?

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I don't watch a lot of tv anymore, but I do tend to watch The Simpsons, Friends, Top Gear, Malcolm in The Middle, Peep Show, The Smoking Room, The Cramp Twins, Look Around You, The Apprentice, Mock The Week, occasionally a bit of Hollyoaks and I used to love and always watch Countdown, but no longer since the legend that is Richard Whiteley died a few weeks ago (RIP)...

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Lost, 24, O.C.

Friends, Everybodu loves raymond, Boston Public, Kevin Hill

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I like alotta the shows ppl have already mentioned (Simpsons, Family Guy, Seinfeld, Malcolm in the Middle, Scrubs, Chappelle's Show), but noone's mentioned...

1.) Late Night with Conan O'Brien

2.) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


I am insanely enthusiastic about these shows, especially AD (hence the CAPS). Check em out. :2thumbs:

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ok i got 2 many 2 mention so i'll just say what i watched this past season..off the top of my head..

The Wire

Veronica Mars




World Poker Tour

The Amazing Race

The Apprentice


Family Guy

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early edition (my fav show of all time .. even if its cancelled for like 5 years or somethin .. gary rulez)

the dead zone (i just hope season 4 gets better)

lost (lookin forward to the season 2 premiere)

24 (great season finale)

monk (i just love this guy and his obsessive-compulsive-disorder.. mr monk and the kid was soooo lovely)




committed (a shame that theyve cancelled it after only 12 eps)

smallville (season 4 was just great .. lookin forward to season 5)


gimore girls (shame on me but i just love them :D )

the oc

firefly (serenity is going to be decent)

third watch


the king of queens (arthur is one of the very best characters of tv-history)

yeah .. im a bit of a tv-addict :lolsign:

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