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Extras for "Pursuit of Happyness"


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We are casting extras for “The Pursuit Of Happyness,” the true story of Chris Gardner, directed by Gabriele Muccini, & starring Will Smith.

Filming begins late August in San Francisco, lasting through November 2005! Non Union Extra work pays $68 for up to 8hrs plus overtime thereafter. There will more than likely be overtime as film shoots are long, often lasting 12 hours or more. If selected as an Extra with Car, there is an additional $35 for your vehicle. These are standard film extra rates set by production, not by Beau Bonneau Casting.

We have an immediate need for the following types:

UPSCALE BUSINESS TYPES: Men & Women, 24-60. All ethnicities, with an emphasis on men appearing to be Caucasian

HIPPIES, JUNKIES, HOMELESS, PIMPS, HOOKERS: Men & Women, ALL ethnicities, 18-50s. We are looking for interesting faces with character, gritty, downtrodden or weathered looks for various scenes

CHINATOWN RESIDENTS: Chinese Men & Women 18-70

DAYCARE KIDS: 6-8 years, Asian ONLY, Chinese and Japanese.

*In the state of CA, all minors must have a valid entertainment work permit to work in this industry. Download these forms for instructions and to find the DLSE office closest to you. http://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/DLSEForm277.pdf


CIGARETTE SMOKERS: In 1981, smoking in public spaces, including the workplace, was permitted. Smokers, 18 and over, will be needed as background in many scenes. If you are a cigarette smoker, or are willing to smoke, please make this notation in your submission.

MUSTACHES: Men wore thick mustaches and sideburns in the early 80s. If you are wearing a mustache or are willing to grow one/sideburns, please make this notation in your submission.

GENERAL EXTRAS WITH 1960-1981 CARS: Cars must be in decent condition, run well, and quietly. You must be atleast 18 with a valid driver’s license, and clean driving record.

If you have a car that fits the description, submit the following information as quickly as possible:

* One recent color photo per vehicle, side-view preferred.

* Car Color, Make, Model, & Year

* Your First & Last name

* Two Contact Phone numbers & Email address

** If you are not registered on Casting Networks, SF, include one recent photo, along with your Height, Weight & Age Range.

Car submissions may be dropped off during registration or e-mailed to: happynesspicturecars@mac.com. The Year, Make & Model should be the subject line of your email. Make sure to include all requested info. This email address is for car submissions ONLY. Cars are being approved by production, not casting.


Registration is FREE if you simply drop off a snapshot at our office. You must include your first & last name with contact information on the back of each photo. We will contact you only if selected. Photos will not be returned and will be discarded after the film wraps.

*If Beau Bonneau Casting feels you may be appropriate for a particular role, we may ask to take digital photos of you or possibly cast you on the spot (which is why we ask you to come in to our office!) and you will be in the Casting Networks database free for the duration of the film (Nov.).

BACKGROUND REGISTRATION HOURS: MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, or FRIDAY 2:00PM - 6:00PM, no appointment necessary. (You must arrive prior to 6pm)

Beau Bonneau Casting is located at 84 1st Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 (at Mission St., near the Transbay Bus Terminal & Montgomery Bart Station).

Please note that coming in for registration, or dropping off photos does not guarantee employment. We are casting specific types and will contact you only if selected. Please do not call our office regarding this project. THANK YOU!!!

Beau Bonneau Casting Staff

We use Casting Networks, SF to find people for our various projects. If you would like more information about Casting Networks, go to http://www.sfcasting.com/sf_home.asp and click on the Talent section to learn how to register. Please note: Casting Networks, SF is an online database ONLY. They do not have any information regarding this or any other casting.

link: http://beaubonneaucasting.com/index_actor.htm

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68 freaking dollars just to be an extra???? Man, I really need to get inside US no matter what. :lolsign:

Damn, I'll be perfect for the cigarette smoking roles. Getting paid to smoke, a dream come true. :haha:

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oh no they said the filming would go thru November, i thought the tour was then. Sorry to twist a movie thing into music, but this is important.

Will might be done with his scenes by then, those dates are for extras, will won't likely be needed for that length of time

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