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right here! :dope:

I hope when the video comes out, Ill remember those links. im very forgetful. lmbo...

oh man,...i forgot to tell you guys (see i told u guys that I was 4getful lol) last Monday a week ago, before my sons flew back to new england, we went downtown and fed homeless ppl. and i was promotin the heck out of Will's cd! LOL. we were feeding the homeless ppl and they were eating, and JAMMING to Will. haha Man, i promise.. life was just sweeeet to them at that moment... hahaha a hot plate of spaghetti, veggies, a fruit, cold drink and a block party featuring Will Smith cd. hahahl

one chik said..ooooh that sounds good.... and she knew the song.. i think it was Switch,...i cant remember at the moment,..but a homeless chik knew Will's switch song. haha. but, imma keep doing that cuz it feels good (to feed them , promote the cd in a special kinda way. haha... and share good music with the underprividledged :dope: ) haha.... i took pics, and ill show a few when i remember...



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