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I liquidated my Friends on myspace. I see everyone on this board daily so i took all u guys off. Nothing personal of course. I just wanted it 2 be people i knew personally...and a few artists i listen 2.

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Yeah there's tons of people with myspace... I don't have it tho. Whenever I try to register for it, it says my request can't be processed... :stars:

Yeah that sure happens a lot when people try to register. Keep trying and it will eventually work. I think since some many people use that site, that can't process every form at once. It happened to me, but then I tried it again and it worked.

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Definitely a good idea for you Brakes, will be cool for promotion... looks good mate :2thumbs:

Yeah, it is a great idea to get a music profile. I think it will definitely help your sales out. Thanks for adding me to your friends too already.

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Dang, I can't see it at school! I'll have to wait until I get home. You know what else is weird Brakes, the computers at my school block access to your forum because it says there's pornography on it... :hmm: What'd you put on there man?! :lolsign:

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Really???? I think I no why that is! in my forum guidelines I say 'no pornographic material' so i think you filters are picking up on that not allowing access!

I sort that out! Let me know if you can access it in a bit (if your still there!)

Hopefully it should let you get in now!

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