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Party Starter Video

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Hey, I found an article about the Party Starter video on MTV. Here is the link:

My Webpage

Check it out, its pretty good, and he discusses at the end about shooting a video for Tell Me Why. Enjoy!

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Damn, nice find man. I think this video is going to be mindblowing with a lot of special effects. The house changing into a different scenario sounds like a lot of ching-ching has been rolled over to create this video. :lolsign:

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Yeah, the video is going to be sweet, if they ever released it. I thought it was interesting that he recorded Tell Me Why 3.5 years ago, I didn't know that.

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another dope news seem like his new video is nearly to out and from what i read its seems to be dope video ,but Will doesn talk about anything like that we know where he is NY and blah blah and the video is shoot a couples of months ago :shakehead: ,but anyway a hope this video to be on mtv ''making the video''

and comes FASTER :1-say-yes: that really gonna cnange the things around L&F :word:

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Here's the article for the lazy peeps!


Will Smith Entertains Punks, Cowboys In New 'Party' Clip

07.12.2005 7:37 PM EDT

Rapper chooses 'Party Starter' as next single from Lost and Found.

Will Smith at the "Party Starter" video shoot

Photo: MTV News

MANHATTAN BEACH, California — Will Smith has decided to get jiggy with it one more time, bringing fans another dance club anthem with a video concept that screams "Will 2K."

The former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has picked "Party

Starter" to be his next single, and he recently shot a video with director Paul Hunter in Manhattan Beach which features Will doing just that — gettin' the party started.

"I like the kind of international vibe of it," Smith said. "It's fun, it's interesting, and just the music and the party energy [of the song] seem to be what people most responded to when I've been out around the world performing and stuff."

The video for "Party Starter," according to the treatment, opens with Will sitting in an empty room in his house. As the track kicks in, a dazzling display of visual effects set in motion and Will literally begins to transform his vacant surroundings into an all-out dance-hall celebration.

"In the beginning I'm sitting in the house and then the walls start to fall away, the floor flips over and it turns into the first club," Smith said on the set of the video. "So I stand up there and I start performing in the first club. Then I stomp my foot, the floor cracks and crumbles away and it turns into a hardwood floor. Then the whole Cuban vibe builds around me."

And the Cuban vibe is only the beginning. The video continues to follow Will as he creates new surroundings, along the way turning the party into a cultural mash-up.

"The people are changing and clothes are changing on people and everything," Will said. "So it's like me kickin' the party off everywhere in the world. It turns from a hip-hop club to a punk-rock club and into like a Cuban or Brazilian kind vibe and then it turns into a country bar. But I'm basically in one spot having a party and the effect is everything's changing around me."

Now that Will has released two dance songs as singles from Lost and Found, he plans to tone it down with his next offering and take a more serious approach with "Tell Me Why," which features Mary J. Blige.

"She came in and recorded in one day," Smith recalled. "She was in town, I let her hear the record, let her hear the idea and she was just so moved by the concept that she went right into the studio that night and recorded the record."

Smith said the song — which follows the same model as Jadakiss' "Why," asking questions about the current state of the world — is the second best song (next to "Summertime") that he has ever written.

"We actually recorded it three and a half years ago," he said. "But it's just something that is in my heart. I just love that song. I feel really confident about it and I am waiting for me and Mary's schedules to open up to be able to shoot [the video]."

— Kelly Marino


I can't wait for this video!

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Great news, it's finally coming then! :jazzy:

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That video sounds really good, i love the idea of him stomping and the walls fall off lol, it sounds a little bit like the will2k video which i loved. Plus that information was true about the big stage falling down.

Oh i cant wait! i must see it now!!!! :wiggle:

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Am I the only 1 feeling this video is going to be on MTV's MAKING THE VIDEO ?

If you pay attention you see will commentating with a MTV mic in his hand at the video shooting place, where MTV happens to be.

I really hope party starter video is going to be MAKING THE VIDEO at MTV.

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