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What Are You Listening To? VI

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Yo fuq, a few months ago i heard that Jamie Foxx wazn't coming out with a new album after all. I'm hoping that isn't true, but i'm remember being really disappointed when i heard it/read it...so i'm thinkin' it waz coming from a legit source. By the way, Kanye West is on the next episode of Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out (on the show AND performing).

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AKON - Belly Dancer

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The Simpson - Singin' The Blues

I just recovered a classic gem yesterday. I would listen to this all the time when I was lil. And when I heard "Deep Deep Trouble", ah man, I knew that had Jazzy Jeff written all over it when I listened. I wish the instrumental was available or something. I'd love to rap on it, or even hear Will over that same beat.

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