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how much you listen to lost and found this week

how many times did you listen to lost and found this week?  

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  1. 1. how many times did you listen to lost and found this week?

    • more than 5 times
    • 4 times
    • 3 times
    • 2 times
    • once
    • havent listened to it

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omg...now listen 2 this.

All of u guys have heard the cd soo much..and I hadnt listened to it much...but of all the weeks to ask me... I'm the ONLY one (so far) to listen 2 it more than 5 times this week. whoo hoo!. LOL. try like ... 20 or 30 times...(select tracks) :2thumbs:

On my road trip...

I had Born To Reign and Lost & Found with my ryde music, (and my 10 year old love track 1.... cuz he's sittin back there thinkin he's some kind of invincible spiderman LMAO.... :lolsign: my 13 year old wanted to hear Will's cd instead of Good Charlotte, Mariah. or Mix CD from Timbo,...LOL . (the choices 4 tha mo 4 sho!) LOL



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More than 5 times a week man...but its like select tracks but i have a playlist for lost & found in winamp and when i play the playlist it just keeps goin so i hear alotta of the songs more than 5 times in one day lol.

The one track though that I have been blasting is Party Starter. That has been my favorite track from the start and im loving it.

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I haven't listened to it at all this week because there are so many hot new singles playing on the radio, so that's all I've been listening to lately... but I've listened to Lost & Found quite a few times in the past few weeks, so no worries :wiggle:

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