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Craig David Is Back !


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I know that there are some fans on here

you can listen to his new single on his site Here

and you can watch the video Here

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I like Craig David. I a few of his songs come across a lil' watered down (lyrically and productionwise)...but overall, i love him. I got both of his albums about 4 months ago, but had his singles when they were new.

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thanx, i saw the video but i couldnt hear it bcoz my mum was hoovering at the time lol, it sounds very similar to another song hes done at the beginning but its pretty good.

Did any1 see his performance at live 8, i think he was in Europe somewhere, he started rapping and was really good, i didnt realise he was such a good rapper.

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wow, this is long overdue! i loved Craig David back in the day!

when you say back in the day it makes me feel old as i remember when he first came out and i'm still 18 !!

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