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Suge Knight Killed B.I.G.


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Suge Knight is the CEO of Deathrow Records the label that 2pac. Snoop. Dre. etc were all on in 95/96. I Don't think he had any reason to be in the death of 2pac. But B.I.G is another question. This could well be a reliable source aswell. Normally a prision snitch says the truth to get him out of jail. But gaurentee that his life would be in danger.

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Joe, how can u think Suge had something 2 do with Biggie's murder and not 2Pac's. I think his involvment in Biggie's murder is more of a stretch than 2Pac's. 2Pac wanted leave Deathrow records. He only signed 2 the label so that Suge would get him outta jail. After he saw how corrupt the whole scene waz, he recorded alot of music that waz just filler-material...at least compared 2 his real music (which is why there waz so much material left over). 2Pac waz trying 2 fulfill his contract and get off the label. Suge knew that, which is why i think he had something 2 do with 'Pac's murder. Suge never respected 2Pac's legacy and never helped out his family after the murder. Suge only paid 2Pac with chump change and then gave him cars that were in Suge's name. 2Pac wazn't happy on Deathrow, it waz obvious in his "on record personality" and even in interviews.

Let's keep in mind that Suge is the same guy that threatened 2 throw Vanilla Ice off a balcony if didn't sign papers saying that one of Suge's people co-wrote "Ice Ice Baby." Suge also threatened half the artists on his label at one point or another. He also kicked the guy who started the company out of the pictuter when "The Chronic" started blowing up. Suge is just a nasty, evil person no matter how u look at it.

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Looks like Uncle Phil.

Well, we shouldnt judge anyone before we know for sure.

:word: :rofl: :lolsign:

:hmm: How come nobody found it funny when I said "He's Uncle Phil's evil twin? :wtf:

I agree wit AJ 100% on that post. I don't understand why Suge wanted credit for "Ice Ice Baby"?!? It makes you wonder if Suge would have really done it, had Vanilla Ice challenged him. We've known Suge to do major harm, but murder? Pac, knew there was a hit out on his life when he was in jail. I think Pac fought death off, but not physically. Have we ever heard of a time where Pac's life was very much in danger and he fought back? (something I just wondered)

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