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best artists live


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I don't know if someone has done this before or if I did it but what music artist do you think is the best at live performances??

I'd say michael jackson and the beastie boys(although at the concert it was hard to hear them because of all the people screaming for 3 hours) I've only seen MJ live on TV but he is really good.

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People who i've seen perform live who knew how 2 put on a show are...



Black Eyed Peas


City High

Kris Kross

Britney Spears....yes i saw her live in 1999 for my girlfriend at the time...and yes, i enjoyed myself...ha ha.

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well out of artists i've seen in person

Green Day



They were the best 3, bring on JJFP to add to that list now

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from personal experience


Alicia Keys



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When AJ wrote the Black Eyed Peas I was like :scared07: !

I mean, perhaps the know how to rock the crowd, but musically it's just bullsh!t. Dancing good, singing baaad!  :thumbsdown: 

I go for:

Xavier Naidoo


Alicia Keys

yeah thats right i saw them on 1 concert ,but the drumers just ROCK THE HOUSE

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I'm 20 but I saw all of them on stage (bar Michael) as a special appearance at a concert! It was awesome! They were totally amazing! I just wish I had the opportunity to see them when they were starting out!

Not seeing Michael was made up for when I went to see him in concert! That was hands down the best concert I have EVER been to!

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