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I couldn't listen to them. For some reason, ever since I updated my Winamp, I can't listen to streaming audios (is that what they're called). Like stuff from the internet that U just want to open and not save to your computer. I have no idea what's wrong or where to fix the problem

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No, I wanna just listen to and not save em. If I really like em, I'll save em. But if I open it, I can't listen to it cuz something isn't right.

just download them then if u don't like them delete them immediately. that's what i did for Scyhigh's Party Starter remix....

(whoops i wasn't supposed 2 say that)

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I sorry, I'm just picky and particular like that. I used to have realplayer, but the burning would always screw up. So I got winamp (burns perfect everytime), but now I can't stream. No more JJFP radio for me.

what about good ole Windows Media Player? plays almost everything, burns, rips, streams. it's what i use

edit: of course Windows Media Player won't solve ur JJ+FP radio problem tho

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