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Is there something else that's as easy to use as EJay and comes with a lot of samples? I'm not serious about it, I do it for fun. But if there's something out there that's better, just as easy, and not overly pricey, I'd like to check it out.

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Fruit yLoops is Probably the best "easy" one out. But i'd recommend you download samples from elsewhere. It comes with a lot, but when people start using those all the time, it gets to the point where you don't want to hear them you know..haha.

Then, there's like Reason (Big Big File Size), Cubase, and some others. But you can't go wrong with some hardware/equipment, but you siad you weren't relly seirous, so Fruity Loops would be the way to go.

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Im a MusicMatch jukebox man myself. But i dont know if you can still get that for free off form a download site. Im lucky cos it came with my computer.

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