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MTV on WIll's Sales

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"Big Willie Gets A Big Boost

The television ratings for this year's NBA Finals may be less than stellar, but Will Smith's appearance on the basketball court — before the start of the first game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Detroit Pistons — to perform his song "Switch," seems to have helped boost Lost and Found. While the disc will rise just a single spot on the chart (hitting #34), sales of the album jumped 20 percent, to more than 30,000 scans. "


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You gotta expect. Sports fans are there to see BAsketball not music so there not gonna be up for it the way a normal concert would be.

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Hey...............dis is me 1st time written in da forums. doin a show like live 8 and da NBA finals n all would help him loads but he needs 2 do more songs instead of switch. If he did party starter or somefin peeps would a bin like 'wow dats klass so is switch........lets buy da album' (exagurated of course)


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Hey thats right!!!!!!! GOLD HERE WE COME!!!!!!!

I doubted switch's success but now I know that it is a hit!

People are telling their friends about lost and found and the sales are increasing! When he performs PARTY STARTER @ the BET awards, The sales will continue to jump!!!!!!

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