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Who should be on a Party Starter remix?

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:word: LL's a versatile mc, he's great at making a lot of diff. types of songs just like Will is, if he'd be on the remix, that'd be legendary to say the least.

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I think Luda should be on it as he would fit the song, also having produced it i think i would go well

I also agree that LL on the remix would be legendary, if i had my way though will & LL would work on a new song together, but i really wanna hear them together so i won't be picky

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yeah but not in Party Starter remix, its just not fit, any women vocie 4 this song is just not fit, that what i think...

i think a brand new song of her & Will will be great!

Come on, if she can have her pants shake us and say s***, I'm sure she can be a party starter. Luda could remake the beat a bit. I can see where ya comin from tho.

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Well FP could do the remix with Luda if there is one, a song on LL's next album, and a song on Taty's next album to please everyone, and FP shouldn't just work with people that're on top just to sell albums, he should work with quality artists under the radar too to put out good music and get respect from the fans.

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