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Who should be on a Party Starter remix?

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...One rapper that comes to mind is ofcourse Ludacris, I think it would certainly help if he worked with him or another top artist to get radios attention.

Maybe he should work with a British rapper since Switch did so well over there...I think Blak Twang would be the perfect choice or Est'Elle.

Slick Rick would be cool too but his style is more laid back.

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Hey we already talked about this, I don't have time to repeat myself :pony: :


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Ludacris, no doubt. I can actually see Kel Spencer on the remix as well. As much as it pains me to say this, Kels is the king of remixes... I'm sure he' drop something hot as well.

There are actually quite a lot of possibilities, but one thing I'm wary of, if the remix is hot as well, haters, knowing that Will dropped a hot joint for the summer, are gonna be like, "so and so made it hot, Will was just along for the ride." So I'd like it to be Kel or someone else who isn't as widely known in the main stream, so if some hater does want to play down Will's role in how hot the track is, someone with tight skills will be the default beneficiary of the hating, bringing them up in the process.

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Make sure the original version is hot and people like it before a remix is made so people don't just think Will is along for the ride.

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What is wrong with LL on this song, I think he would be a good fit with Luda and Will because they would all bring a lot of energy to the track.

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