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  1. yes it is a good story.....funny. shows how we can laugh at how we make judgments and mistakes. first time i heard it...the guy was Rosie Grier....football player.
  2. LOL yeah i am really excited about Jada and Wicked Wisdom...... plus I get to see WILL at all her shows I bet. :) thanks you guys have been awesome!!! and....i will try to calm down :pony:
  3. TONIGHT IN TEMPE ARIZONA! :) and THURSDAY NIGHT IN L.A. at the Key Club !!!! I am sure Will is going to be there to support his wife and Wicked Wisdom PLUS Otep too!! I am gonna hang out and get to see WILL !!!!!! This is like Music History. I think Jada may be the first black female to lead a Metal band !!! It is going to be awesome!!!
  4. one of the other Otep fans came up with these words for the song. Otep hasnt posted the 'real' words yet as she is on tour still. If anyone can come up with some better understanding of wht you think she is saying please post. oh and dont forget Will is prob going to be at the KEY CLUB show 6/30 in L.A. watching Jada and Wicked Wisdom perform. WW is opening for OTEP that night. link again: http://otepsaves.com/RunForCover-demo.mp3 OTEP - Run For Cover Rise and come alive Cry, my muse Elevate and accuse As I enter the room It's elemental Defying gravity, with these Lyrical miracles Of ... philosophies It's a chosen child We're gettin wild in the millennium, Manipulating matter Trips the data like a pentium Processor Throw these rhymes at ya I'll be the queen, weaving dreams With supreme lectures Infect ya, lyrically dissect ya I got control of your soul So no gods can protect ya I betcha we can set ya free Just believe that this time The misery was born and bred To deceive Being galaxies of mind expanding poetry Hey come see, no it's me (?) always meant to referee (?) ...intend to meet the tribe Come prepared to get by just a drone to the Hive In the way you survive A comfortable buzz is like Espionage, and let them treat'ya Mental state the Man is like a mirage (?) RUN FOR COVER (x3) From the 10th parallel 7th level of Hell My mind strikes like an ice pick And emcees be felled It's the voice of the apocalypse a god of War Slayin' foes with my esophagus A carnivore Takes ya higher than the Crests of consciousness From Gotham to metropolis, Through us the gods be slayin' all monotonous (?) The words be venomous run and **** (?) like enemies battered and bruised my mental starts feeling this So let me hear it if you're feeling us My mind escapes and radiates like .........?? Verbal shots bust and Everybody hits the ground Weapon systems armed, it's about to go down It's for the crown RUN FOR COVER (x4)
  5. we all have days. its easier for guys anyway to look good i think. maybe it is just a day off for her and she was being casual. she is still beautiful.
  6. anyone listen to the song yet ...the otep song link i posted above here? just wondering....thanks! its called RUN FOR COVER :) guess you can tell that by the link tho. btw thanks for the replies and stuff. some boards arent so nice to newbies. so thanks!
  7. yeah that voice is coming out of this little girl.....LOL http://otepsaves.com/RunForCover-demo.mp3 be cool to see Will and Otep and Jada mixing up some music together.....
  8. Speaking of movie roles and movies for Will....remakes of old movies or new ones....this is my opinion. i think Will could remake just about any movie role. Comedy or drama. He is one of the best actors out there right now. NOt many can do both comedy and drama. It is the gift of acting he possesses. Plus I think Will is a true real being....not fake. He is just a good person. From what we all can see on tv, reading interviews, etc. I loved him on Oprah the other day talking about Hitch. He has MADE his way in the movie/song industry...every step!
  9. did i ever post this song here. it is an unreleased song by Otep..... sorry if i am double posting. i think it is a demo for a new cd....not sure....not a 'finished' song...like a rough draft or somethin....but she sounds coooool to me.....she is one tough girl !!! Will said he 'liked her flow!' :) click here: http://otepsaves.com/RunForCover-demo.mp3 :chuks:
  10. will do!!!! i will get pics too if ya wanna see them. also, Otep is gonna be on Def Poetry Jam next month. Gotta pic of her with Russel Simmons and Mos Def
  11. interesting. thanks for posting this!
  12. just wondering if any of you had heard Jada's band Wicked Wisdom? I am trying to go see them at the Tempe Arizona and L.A. shows with OTEP. I havent heard the new more metal stuff.
  13. There is a quick pic of Will on this link when Jada is talking about him. It is a clip of the tv show THE VIEW with Star Jones asking Jada about Will and Otep. :) http://boss.streamos.com/download/capi001/...tep_theview.mov as you can tell by my screenname I am an OTEP fan and Jada too.....of course WILL !!!!! I have posted on here before.....thanking Will for supporting my favorite band OTEP.
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