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Willennium VS Lost & Found

Which one is better?  

83 members have voted

  1. 1. Which one is better?

    • Willennium
    • Lost & Found

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dude thats a tuff one, i havent voted yet. Willennium is like my favorite will album but so is lost and found. if you payed attention to my signature and avatar they were both the willennium cover. lost and found has a lot of hot beats. willennuim is like an overall exelent cd. i have to listen ot them both over and over to find out. then ill vote

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whatever you say Lost and Found and Willennium are two of the dopest hip hop albums!!  :dj:

Hell yeah! FP's got one of the strongest catalogs in hip-hop history. :yeahthat:

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I chose based on how many songs I skip on the album. I listened to Lost and Found all the way through everyday for about 5 weeks. His best album by far, because its got different topics. Sorry Willennium fans, but even with songs like The Rain, So Fresh, W2K and Freakin IT ( which I think is the best song on the album), I put Big Willie Style as my 2nd Fav (because even the interludes are entertaining!) and then Willennium.

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This album just got the mood of pure HipHop. You can just listen and listen to any song on this album and you'll vibe...

Willenium was good, and even great, but it just wasn't compiled together well... It seemed like a compilation album with no central meaning for the album to exist. Although the songs in themselves are nonetheless amazing.

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I can't believe Lost + Found has the lead...but this is the board speaking i guess.

U know AJ i thought the same, the active members always say Willennium is the better, but iono maybe sum new fans just passed trough dis topic

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