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NBA Finals Performance

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Even tho I'm not a big fan of the ridiculously extravagent musical performances that always, for whatever reason, need to accompany big-time sporting events, and even tho I'm not too crazy about the NBA annually picking one song to drill into my head ad naseum during each year's playoffs (last year's Lets Get It Started, as Max said, and :rant: I'm still reeling from the 2002 anthem, Pink's Get the Party Started)... :wiggle: this is still pretty sweet news. I'll add my name to the list of people who hope it's Party Starter :2thumbs: or maybe even a varied old and new school performance :spin: (unlikely, but still...) instead of another Switch rendition. :thatsux:

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This is awesome, I love watching the NBA, and it just got better by having Will perform. I bet he will be performing Party Starter, especially since the video has already been shot and it is going to be released soon. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh... this is hot. This is definitely... unbelievably hot. If he performs Party Starter on a stage as big as the NBA finals, it's very likely that the song would have been released by then. The NBA finals begin on June 9th... so any day now.

For those who don't remember, last year's NBA finals anthem was Black Eyed Peas's "Lets Get It Started," and they played it at the beginning and end of absolutely every commercial break, so it's quite likely that Party Starter could be the anthem this year, recieving the same treatment.

In hindsight, if it turns out to be the anthem, Will will have made the perfect choice in releasing Party Starter for the summer. It's safe to say that Will wouldn't have been performing Tell Me Why at the NBA finals. I'm telling you guys, Party Starter is about to blow up.

I'm going to be doing a lot of recording in June. Thanks for the info. Great news.

Yes man, I really was like whooooaaaaaa when I've read the message at the top! It's how u said unbelievably awesome and I'm really looking forward to that!!! Yes, I think he'll perform Party Starter, I'm pretty sure about that... It'll be dope as hell!!! :woot: :kool2: :fest29: :2thumbs: :2thumbs:

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The NBA Finals Game One will be in San Antonio since the Spurs won last night so JJFP will be performing there.

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I'll be REALLY mad if he does switch and not party starter!!!!

everyone will!!! We have heard it ENOUGH!!!!! really!

with party starter he will be more respected as a RAP STAR.

and the finals WILL BE the party starter stage!

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