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NBA Finals Performance

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The NBA Finals Game One will be in San Antonio since the Spurs won last night so JJFP will be performing there.

OMG I can't believe it! I LIVE IN SAN ANTONIO! :2thumbs:

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June 9th is the first game of the finals, so this performance is a good way to start it off. Hope he performs Party Starter, at least, not Switch.

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Hero, they showin the Finals on ESPN Where you live> Because the finals are Being Broadcast on ABC. Here in the states at least....

Just givin you a heads up from an earlier post of yours to double check so you don't miss it :)

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Aw, you guys are gonna be so mad if he performs Switch.

If someone had told me 6 months ago that i'd be seeing so many JJFP performances i wouldn't have believed them, so i'm grateful they've been perfoming it everywhere, and although i do admit it's wearing a bit thin, i keep telling myself that there will eventually come a time when he's filming again and i'll be praying for Switch performances intead lol. :1-say-yes:

Having said that, I, too hope that he performs Party Starter, it would be amazing to see live again, cuz they kept interrupting the MTV performance with split screen stuff....so bring on Party Starter, but i'll be almost as happy if he does Switch! :jazzy:

However that is just my personal opinion, looking at it from another angle it is the PERFECT oppertunity do promote the new single and raise album sales...so i hear what you're all sayin....

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I am happy he is at least performing on a big stage, but he has better songs than switch that he can do. It wouldn't be too bad he did Switch along with another song

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yeah i think doing switch then party starter would be good. I know we have heard switch so much but thats only bcoz we watch every single performance he does.

People will probably wanna hear switch coz its a hit, but then if he does party starter, perfect promo.

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