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the chapter when will's father come to see him after fifteen years,and promise to Will do a travel together,but finally he go without Will.
i like so much will's acting,it's very emotive at the end....and makes me cryyyyyyy,hahahaha
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In those episodes, it showed that Will's acting skills were starting to evolve, in comparison to the earlier episodes when it looked like he was just messin' around and being himself. :rock:
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[quote=Foxy11,Jul 15 2004, 12:41 PM]Yeah Will did really well, that part broke me down too, good episode. :tear:[/quote]
[font="Arial"][color=blue]I was the same way too Foxy...it touched me, becuase in real life, I felt the same about my dad...how could a man bring a child in the world, and just want nothing to do with them? I think it hampers their potential level of success, or at least can contribute to prolong (a "denied" child's) success., because they sometimes have to go thru life, making unwise decisions before they realize how to go about making positive changes with certain situations in life...

it definately makes a stronger inner child, if they are wise enough not to take a completly and obviously wrong path...

3cookies [/color][/font]
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