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switch to number 4 UK

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omg Will is still rising in the UK, hes up to number 4, ok its not as good as australia or Belgium but i thought he was gonna go down. This really is very rare in the UK, i think the urban music festval helped.

Lost and Found has risen too, i think i heard the DJ say he was number 19 and it was only 38. Go Will!!!! Im impressed!

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it's still #14 in Italy after 5 weeks, and trust me that's very good!! 50 cent is goin down... :hilarious: :hilarious: I'm very happy that Switch is goin well, maybe now all people which said switch was the worst track of lost and found are changing their idea.................

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Top 20 album after a few weeks of release is great news, and a number 4 hit after 5 weeks is also very great news.

Now y'all can stop moaning about Tell Me Why not being out yet, I told ya Switch needs milking for all its worth and its doing a damn fine job as a first single. Tell me Why will cement it and raise that album to top 10.

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