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Will featured on DJ S1/Clinton Sparks Mixtape

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1. Clinton Sparks & DJ S1 – Legends Intro

2. Ghostwridah – Freestyle

3. Will Smith - Party Starter (prod. by The Freshmen)

4. Fat Joe – Party Arty

5. Epik ft. Game – Get On Down

6. Jae Hood – Freestyle

7. Clipse – Where You Been (prod. by Clinton Sparks)

8. Beanie Segil – One Shot Deal (prod. by Just Blaze)

9. Freeway of the ROC speaks…

10. Freeway ft. Mully Man – Buck 'Em (prod. by Clinton Sparks)

11. 112 – My Mistakes (prod. by Trackboyz)

12. Jae Millz – Who (prod. by Swizz Beatz)

13. Fat Joe ft. Nelly – Get It Poppin' (prod. by Scott Storch)

14. Clinton Sparks speaks…

15. Black Rob ft. P. Diddy – Knock 'Em Out (prod. by Clinton Sparks)

16. Benzino – Her

17. Beanie Segil ft. Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre – Don't Stop (S1 Remix)

18. Ghostwridah – So Hood

19. Kanye West – Improvise

20. Fat Joe ft. Mashonda – Listen Baby (prod. by Swizz Beatz)

21. Clinton Sparks interlude…

22. Morgan Smith speaks…

23. Morgan Smith – Blow Your Whistle

24. Capone of CNN speaks…

25. CNN – Stand Da F*ck Up (prod. by Clinton Sparks)

26. Busta Rhymes ft. Flipmode Squad – Get Down (prod. by Clinton Sparks)

27. Dramills – Freestyle

28. Lil John speaks…

29. Vice Raw ft. Angelous – NC to NYC

30. DJ EFN Letting You Know…

31. Ghostwridah – I'm Focused

32. Clinton Sparks – Outro

33. DJ S1 – 88.1 fm Public Service Announcement

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Good to see Party Starter being recognized. I live in CT, and Clinton Sparks is a DJ on Hot 93.7, the top hip-hop station in CT. Hopefully he will play it on the radio.

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They should put Will Smith and Fat Joe on the cover and take Lil' Jon and Jadakiss off, that looks like a bunch of commercial crap on the most part that I wouldn't consider buying, well at least they mentioned Will.

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Lil Jon is the biggest joke for a hip-hop artist I have ever seen. Just because someone says three words does not make them a good rapper. Not only that, Lil Jon has the most annoying voice, so the three words he can say are not even worth listening to.


Secondly, I don't have a problem with Jadakiss on the cover. Will should take Lil Jon's place, but Jadakiss is not just commercial hype. In his comeback to 50, he tears him apart. Why is also a good song by him. He is actually lyrical, unlike 50 and Lil Jon.

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I don't like Jadakiss. His voice is annoying and his lyrics are a dime a dozen. I have his album from about 2001 (only cuz DMX is on it and i got a crazy deal on the price) and i never listen 2 it. It's funny how music reflects their personality. I saw him on Punk'd and he just got on nerves. There's no getting around the fact that rappers with commercial success get it thru' the fans who are ignorant 2 good music. They certainly don't have the skillz or heart 2 back up their sales.

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