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Rarest Thing In Your Collection

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I'd say probably this vinyl i picked up about 3 years ago by a group called 2 Too Many

One of the guys has a real FP style voice and flow on it. I know AJ has this so he'll probably be able to tell you more about them but i thought this was quite a good find from a independant shop in the UK

2 Too Many - Where's The Party at.


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I guess the rarest thing I have in my collection is a pic of Will Smith as Agent Jay and it's autograph by Will Smith himself. My mom gave it to me yesterday for my birthday.

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Don't really think I have rare items!!  I have rare songs tho!

You got A Touch of Jazz (Street remix)?


But you want it, dont ya! Mwahahaha... if I dont find it in five minutes im gonna suicide.. maybe not. But that track seems really great.

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i didn't even know there was a street remix. do u have this track, Lerkot?

Nope but thats the song they perform at the rap party 1988-file that you can find in the audio forums (dunno if it was in the potnas forum or in the other one but check around)

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