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Lost and Found has sold more than 686, 086 Copies


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The album's still doing better than I expected it would, let's be realistic, people don't like ol' school hip-hop anymore, commercial fans like mostly 50 Cent, Eminem, and Jay-Z now, I don't think Will is gonna outsell them even though his music is better than theirs, that's why Will shouldn't even try to sound new anymore, he should go and just make JJFP hip-hop albums with no commercial artists featured on them with more storytellin' tracks that he's known for, who gives a damn if the critics call him ol' school when they even diss him now for sounding current,'cause he ain't gonna sell much from this point on.

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24 is really, really bad.

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Let's be realistic. Code Red was a great album (I HAVE IT NOW!!!) but a huge flop after Homebase sold over 2 milion copies. Will's last hit album was Willennium with over 2 milion copies sold, too. Then in 2002, Born To Reign was a flop selling only about 230,000 copies. And I think that Lost and Found won't do very well if there isn't SOON a second single that makes the people know Will Smith is back! Switch wasn't a flop of course (no. 12 Billboard Hot 100. Better than Will2k) but now it has lost and hasn't really made the people to buy the album. And that's why I think that they should release a double a side: tell me why / party starter. A serious track and a party track RIGHT NOW in May. But Interscope has to promote it, that's another problem. The bad promotion.

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Hey Will or Jeff if you're reading this, we need y'all to go on tour, peeps will buy the album more if there was a tour, they got give the peeps what they need! :peace:

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Change in the topic!!


#23/Will Smith/Lost & Found/31,734/47,142/287,041

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