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Da Brakes

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I had a dream last night about Will and Jeff.

They was in some kind of room just chilling and talking and I went up to them and told them how much I loved their music. I mentioned I was from jazzyjefffreshprince.com and Jeff went crazy with excitement!! He was asking me all sorts of questions about the site and then he asked me my login name. I told him it was the same as my rap name 'Da Brakes' and he went crazy again!!

He turned to Will and said "Remember when we were sitting listening to music the other day and I showed you this British rapper? This is him!"

I was amazed that they had heard my songs and Will was really enthusiastic about them!

It was such a great dream!

Just thought I'd share!

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Yeah. I remember that, man. Then I entered the dream too and we all started dancing to "I'm All That". It was great. Aaw, such good times we had last night. :wiggle:

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I have a JJ+FP dream once or twice a year. I think the last one i had waz about a year ago. In the dream, i found out that my girlfriend waz gonna surprise me by having FP come by my house b4 i had a party. To throw everyone else off, i contacted Jeff and told him about the situation and he agreed 2 come over as well. When FP showed up, i surprised him and everyone else by bringing out Jeff.

Silly dream, right?

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