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This should be a sticky or sumthin', the board is getting flooded with topics about the album.

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yeah I have stupied friends that gave me a link and I attampted of downloading...

The BEST CD ever!!! more then every thing!!!

Here He come: start like luda kinda beat... very bumpy... very nice... like scooby doo music in the opening... very nice... p.s the vers on "How Come" is better... the churse isn't nice like Tra knoks... 9

Partey Starter: I like that track more then all the CD right now I give it 10!

it just the BOMB!!! and no 1 word more! 10

Switch: Do I have 2 say 1 word more then 10?

Mr. nice guy: from what I hear I can't understand the English well I have 2 c the lyrics... But I like that He said that ppl been mistaken that nice is soft...

10 ofcurs!!!

Come down Williy!!! u r a nice guy!

Mr. Holly rooler: I don't like songs on jesus... soory... score: ?

Lost and Found: I expected a song more strong like B2R... but it is HARDCORE defently!!!... the violnt in the beat is AWASAMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 without thinkning 2 much...

Tell me Why: ok that the only song that can compeat the song "Afro angel" Just the beat in the begining give's me the chill's all over my body... mannn it sooo smoooooth song...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautifullll and Will's voice is sooo GREAT in the secound versss!!! 10 10 10 10 !!! another 10!!!

I wish I made that: Will seemed 2 b boring by his voice... ppl the churs is the BESTTT SUMMERTIMEEE!!!... the switch from the first style 2 the secound is dopeee!!! HUUU HAAA :chuks: 10!!!

Pump ya Breaks: I presonaly didn't like the combination... Will is the besttt in this song BUUUUTTT snoop isn't sitting on the beat... the scratches of Jazzy is THE HOOTTTESTS THING IN THE TRACK... 10 with my eyes closed!...

If u can't Dance: that's the song defently for clubs!!! for crazzzyyyy death partys (that how u write it?) thins song maks u more ur A$$... his Flow is just GREAT... u've never heard that kind of song from Will!!! 10 defently (ain't co's of my bently that what my familly put in me)

could you love me: that the song that I supposed 2 write the lyrics... that A Will Smith romantic "Hitch" Kind of song...

I love that style of Music that Will makes then I have inspration 2 my love songs lol... 10 b'cos the inspretion Will come...

Loretta: ammm It is a true story but I havn't understand the story sorry... it's also compeat with "Afro angel" can easly take the #1 in my list of favorite songs I just need 2 understand the story... just 9...

Wave em' off: not more then a nice song Will's vers very nice... it's an EGO song... new style... nice production... 9 simpel and nice...

Scary story: his son in the begining and in the end I think it Jaden... I loved the beat I don't know how 2 say that... but it's a love song don't ask me why... 10 for the creativity...

Switch X2... : the R&B and Fatman scoop remix... is hooottt more then the original... I could give then 15 in the score but b'cos there only 10 So that what ill give then it's Great Remixs!!!... :dj:

In conclution ill Give 9.9 out of 10 co's Will have 2 push him self a littel bit more lol!!! GREAT cd... ill defently buy it in 7.4!!!! don't learn from me... don't download go and BUY THE RECORD!!!

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sorry Scray Story...

im in crazy mooooddddd mannn im on the song of luda and Will and bumping my head it hard 2 write like this and consentrate...

Fatman has't don't the remix?

I thought it was Elephant Man...

I don't know...

let leave this like that ok? lol

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The album sounds like it's off tha chain. I love Switch. But the vibe I'm getting from the ppl that have already heard it seem to be great. But I don't plan on listening to it until the album drops. :angel:

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