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This is the track listing from hmv.co.uk

looks like we have more songs acording to this site ( uk bonus tracks )

and "scary story" ?????

1. Here He Comes

2. Party Starter

3. Switch

4. Mr. Niceguy

5. Ms. Holy Roller

6. Lost & Found

7. Tell Me Why

8. I Wish I Made That / Swagga

9. Pump Ya Brakes

10. If U Can't Dance (Slide)

11. Could U Love Me

12. Loretta

13. Wave Em Off

14. Scary Story

15. Switch [Main R&B Remix]

UK Bonus Tracks

16. Coming To The Stage

17. We Won't / Non-Musical Silence

forgive me if its been said


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Whoa!! Sounds good. Once u guys in the UK can confirm that this is 4 real, then i'm gonna have 2 get that version. Is there anyone in the UK that will hook some of us up if u we send u money, and u can send us the UK version of the CD? We can get it elsewhere, but u guys probably won't rip us off the way internet sellers would.

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woah i hope this is true. Hey after everything people have done for me while ive been on this site i can hook u guys up. i have a paypal account so u can pay me thru that and i can send them out. I will price up the CD and air mail and get a price 4 u.

For people who dont wanna or cant do that im sure we can share the tracks over the site! :thumb:

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