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Ali Directors Cut


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Includes never-before-seen footage

Commentary by director Michael Mann

"The Making of Ali" documentary

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[quote=the real big willie,Apr 28 2004, 07:31 AM]Damn, I just brought Ali on DVD, guess I got to get it again now.[/quote]
:werd: I bought it last year and it only shows the movie and the trailer! :cussing: Columbia Pictures must be out of their minds 'cause they should put everything on the DVD in the 1st place! It's all good though 'cause the movie's off the hook, if y'all didn't see it yet, check it out, Will put his heart and soul in that movie in potraying Ali. :rock:
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[quote=Jazzy Julie,Apr 29 2004, 08:35 PM]My Ali has got a lot of extras , its got:

the making of Ali
behind the scenes
cast and crew soundbites

I wonder if i have the new dvd then, if not i guess i will have to buy a new 1.[/quote]
Mine is the same (2disc), but I wouldn't call that a lot of extras.
It does not have commentary by director Michael Mann. So it's not the same one.

This new version sounds much better. Edited by the real big willie
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