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Don't Fight The Feeling

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i know theres alreadya forum about this, but is there ANY chance of getting the full song, i am amazed by this...jjfp again

plz yall at least respond

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I waz thinkin' about making a full length CD available 2 some of the long time posters here if any wanted 2 get one off me. It would be loaded with the rare stuff. Anyone who is interested can PM me, but alot things would need 2 be worked out b4 i know i'd wanna go thru' with it. Keep in mind everything would be coming from the originals...no downloads.

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B-Sides + Remixes

1. New Kids On The Block

2. A Touch of Jazz (Collapsed In The Street Mix)

3. Brand New Funk (Extended Remix)

4. I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson (Extended Remix)

5. The Groove (Grover's Groove)

6. Summertime (DJ Jazzy Jeff Mix)

7. Ring My Bell (Hula + K. Fingers Club Mix)

8. The Things That U Do (Totally Bumpin' Mix)

9. Higher Baby

10. Dance or Die

11. Boom! Shake The Room (Block Party Mix)

12. From Da South

13. Twinkle Twinkle (I'm Not A Star) (Jeep Mix)

14. Get Hyped

15. I Wanna Rock (Jazzy Jeff's Vibe Mix)

16. Don't Fight The Feeling

There u have it...nuttin' but the best of b-sides and remixes, jam packed on one album. 2 of those trax are only available on vinyl. The others are compiled from singles and soundtracks. The 1st half is made up of crazy rare stuff. The 2nd half is filled with alot of stuff never released in the US.

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I'm now registered at PayPal in a way that i can accept payments (i think). I think i still have that "Freakin' It/Holla Back CD single u wanted last year.

Hey Julie, if you do still want that Freakin it/Holla back i could prob get it for you (just thinking it'll be easier than havin to post from the US) for about £0.99. I have a local second hand CD store that i have to thank for the majority of my JJ+FP singles (ring my bell, twinkle, i wanna rock, the things that u do etc.) and i'm sure i've seen it in there. I'll try to have a look this week if you want me to :dunno:

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