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from looking at your pics we must've been standing near each other. But i kept looking out for you and couldn't see you :dunno:

Well i was wrapped up warm so you wud have never seen my T-shirt i told you about. If you remeber at all a cameraman and interviewer filmed me with my CD case and asked me a few questions.

I looked out for you but there were lots of girls with the furry hoods :switch:

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I thought i'd be dead nerovus meeting him, but i wasn't. I've been nervous i guess alittle star struck with celebs that aren't even that huge but with Will it was just like shout his name til he came over, then tell him your a big fan and that i couldn't wait for his album. Wasn't nervous at all it was ace.

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Congratz kev.

now the only thing thats missing is Jeff's signature netx to will's.

Yep i'll get him to sign his side of the album cover. He's The DJ.. seems the best option for autographs :thumb:

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Oh man, I am jealous for real. :bowdown: hahaha, but that's cool that you got that autograph and the chance to meet Will. Wasn't there a swarm of people therE>? He still had time for your auto.? That's even more tight. Anyways, hope he does something around the Washington area so I can meet him! Peace.

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Congradulations, I'm happy for you! :thumb: :bowdown: :clap:

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