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ypu've got 2 look at this...


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The most of them, hate him. :dunno:

Let them listen to G Unit and all the other crap stuff.

Its a party song, what are you expecting?

these ignorant idiots have too much time to sit in front of their computers all the day and talk **** about Gangsta live and all that stuff.

They just can't accept and give him props for what he's doing.

The lyrics are good but not his best side, listen to songs like Shadow Dreams or other classic JJFP tracks. Wills flow back than was way better than now. but that doesn't matter. he's damn hot and i'm looking forward to his album.

JJFP Rocks The House

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"G-Unit is cookie-cutter music. Almost all the hooks sound the same and the musical content do too. I would give a pass to Y. Buck. Look at the Game tracks that 50 are on. Same sounding hooks. Their music isn't wack but it isn't ground breaking either.

With that hip-hop comment, it shows you don't understand hip-hop neither. Hip-hop is based on party music. That was the founding basis for the term "hip-hop". The fist DJ "Kool Herc" played parties which gave way to hip-hop. Then it was used to up lift the culture with any type of rapping ability. Some are rappers and others are MC's. Will Smith is a rapper but its said that he has never lost a battle when he was up and coming in Phili... Get knowlege on this rap game before you post..."

this is one of the posts there... the man has a very good point...

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