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I luved it. Of course I had to wait 4hours to get it cuz it was the first day n there were ALOTTA ppl...

I think everyone luved it. Dey clapped wen Will n Eva kissed n at the end, laughed at every joke n I had so much fun. :clap:

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I liked it. Had a lot of funny parts. He and Kevin James did a great job. It also gave some pointers for guys. I just hope Will doesn't do anymore movies like this (meaning romantic comedies), it's cool that he got another genre under his belt, but speaking as a male I hope to see his next movie be a straight out comedy or something.

God Blessa!

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Gawd, I wanted to see it premeier day but since it's like a date movie I asked this girl who had a boyfriend haahha (I was desperate) but I retracted the offer right after because I know that was a fool thing to do. Anyways i'm going home this weekend and I plan on seeing it. Hope it's good like everyone says it is.

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YES, thank you I finally saw the movie Hitch. I LOVED IT, I absolutly adored the storyline, the characters, and the climax of the movie. Will once again proves he can do pretty much anything (especailly when it comes to movie roles). I noticed he used the line "You don't know where you're going, till' you know where you've been" that was classic Will2K video haha. Of course I have to see it again. OF COURSE.

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i ent cin da film yet but gotta b gud ennit cos da freshest prince in da world is in it! so thumbs up from me sami-b :thumb:

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