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Favorite JJFP album


what is your favorite jazzy jeff & fresh prince album?  

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  1. 1. what is your favorite jazzy jeff & fresh prince album?

    • rock the house
    • he's the dj, i'm the rapper
    • and in this corner
    • homebase
    • code red

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He's the DJ, Im the rapper...

Some of the other albums may have higher top level (Homebase with Summertime and Code Red with Im looking for the one), but all the songs on He's the DJ are really quality song and that is a thing i cant say about the other ones who all got two or three bad or not so good songs.

He's the DJ is the best album i ever heard.

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Homebase, I love the humor of You Saw My Blinker and the humor/story of Who Stole The DJ. I'm All That is just a great ego song and the flow is so tight on that track. This Boy Is Smooth has great music and a great vibe. A Dog Is A Dog paints such a great picture of getting caught by your lady. And of course, Ring My Bell and Summertime, those need no explanations. Though, I may be biased; when I started driving this was the latest jj/fp disc. Ahhhh.. nostalgia. :)

He's The DJ is a very close second, especially the He's The DJ track, Fresh Prince tore that one up.

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Man, i hate this topic...cuz i don't know which one 2 choose.

I voted Code Red since it has so many flavas and different subject matter on each track. Homebase waz my fav for YEARS tho'. I just think that album is kinda dated compared 2 Code Red...very early 90's...which is my favorite era of music. I think He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper or Homebase is their best album tho'....the overall quality and theme.

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I can't speak of rock the house cuz I haven't it.. I'd say CODE RED, the most underrated album of hip hop history :bowdown: It's incredible it didn't go platinum, but we all know it's great we are lucky to have it. I'm very involved in many trax of that album, I love the beat on it and FP flow is simple excellent!! There aren't trax like just kickin'it or I wanna rock(my favourite jjfp), and all the code red stuff is a masterpiece!! I love all their albums, but this one is simply the best :thumb:

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Wow! I'm blown away that so many people voted Code Red. I think it would be interesting 2 see what current so-called Rap and Hip-Hop fans would say if they heard the album, but never heard it b4. I think it woul make alot of people realize they've had JJ+FP all wrong the whole time and they are simply amongst the very best (if not the very best) in Hip-Hop....of all time.

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I love the ol' school vibe on "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper", it's too phenominal to top, although "Homebase" and "Code Red" come close.

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