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I filled a bracket on NBA.Com and the only 2 teams screwing me up right now are the Knicks and the Mavs. I'm sure glad that the series are now 7 instead of 5 like it used to be in the 1st round, so that means that they have a chance, all they gotta do is defend their homecourt like the Nets and Kings did and they'll be a'ight. I had the Pacers beat the Celtics in 5 games, but the Celtics blew their chance to win one game last night when Artest was suspended.
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[quote=badboys,Apr 20 2004, 05:04 PM][quote=FrshPrnceCharmng,Apr 20 2004, 04:19 PM] I still need to see Mutumbo reject a shot and then do that little "Not in my House" finger wag. How many years has he been in the league?[/quote]
Mutombo has been in the NBA since 91', so that would make it 13 years.... Just thought id answer ur question... [/quote]
ive had a mutombo hat for a good 10 years+ :rock: :rock: :rock:
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the nba is not as good as it was in the early to mid 90s.. my team used to be seattle with peyton and schremp n co.. i used to play nba 96.. id always be the hornets and get dell curry in 2 the team..and just fire 3 point shots all the time...
and nba jam on the super nintendo :rock: played the hell out of that.. i cant remember what team me and my friend would play it could have been miami..but there was a really good player and the other 1 was this guy chaeney? .. so 1 of us would always get chaney and he was terrible and always miss his shots..so whenever this happened our catch cry would be f*** chaney :kekeke: :kekeke:
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The NBA will be worse next yr. 'cause the Charlotte Bobcats franchise will be entering the Eastern Confererence and the New Orleans Hornets(who played like crap since they left Charlotte)are heading West. That's good news for the East teams on one sense 'cause all you need to make the playoffs is win 30 games, but the bad news is that the West Conf. team will kill ya in the finals. At this rate Shaq will have more rings than Russell before he retires(unless he gets bored).
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That Heat-Hornets series is very intense and the most competitive so far, the Hornets are a deeper team than I thought they were but that Duane Wade got skills! I think that he'll have a better career than Carmelo and Lebron! Carmelo shouldn't talk trash about KG when he didn't even play in Game 6. He said that in Game 6 punches were gonna be thrown but he was TKO'd when he didn't even play in the game! What a punk! :kekeke:
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Man, I'm pretty mad the Raptors drpped out of the playoffs.
I don't pay much attention to basketball, and I usually watch it when I fell like it.
Bit I enjoy playing it.It's my sencond fav sport.

That boy [b]Vince Carter [/b]is got too much skills

Can any1 guess what my first fav sport is?
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My picks for the Semis.. First off, i say Miami wins tonight.

Then, Indiana over Miami, SA over LA, Sac over Minny(It'll be a close series I think), and Detroit over NJ.

My fianls still stand Spurs or kings vs Indiana or detroit. it'll most likyel by SA and Indy though.
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My picks are:
#1-Miami wins tonight
#2-Pistons sweep Nets
#3-Pacers beat Heat in 7
#4-Lakers over Spurs in 6
#5-Wolves over Kings in 7
#6-Pistons over Pacers in 6
#7-Lakers over Wolves in 5
#8-Lakers beat Pistons in 7(Bad Boys vs. Showtime in Finals all over again)
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