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I have the Lakers winning it all so if they lose this series to the Spurs my picks are lost as well! :dunno: The Spurs are really outplaying them and it's not lookin' good but the Lakers will play better at home(I hope).
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Did y'all see that Lakers/Spurs game last night! That game came down to the wire, I couldn't believe that the Lakers won after Tim Duncan hit that shot wit only 0.4 seconds remaining but Derek Fisher got off a shot wit time expiring that silenced the Spurs crowd reminising the way Jordan silenced the Jazz crowd after that shot over Byron Russell back in '98, Incredible! I hope all four semi-finals go seven games 'cause it's great right now to be an NBA fan finally after that boring 1st Round! :werd: :peace:
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i saw that ted!!! i was shocked!!! i was sure spurs won the game after duncens crazy shot... i don't have words about that game.... amazing.
did any1 here saw nets/pistons game?! 3 overtimes!!!! a crazy game also, billups with a crazy 3-pointer in the fourth quarter and send the game to overtime.
kidd played very bad... but the nets won anyway.
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I couldn't believe that the Nets won that game! The Pistons had many chances to put them away after Billups hit that shot to force OT(I honestly thought that the Pistons had the momentum in the overtime) until the Nets benchwarmer Scalabrine came in and hit clutch shots like he was Reggie Miller or something! The game was over 4 hours of pure adrenline, awesome ****! Sprewell dominated against the Kings and it looks like the Wolves will pull out the series against the Kings but we'll see what happens. You can't count the Spurs or Pistons out 'cause they will be motivated to not come up on the short end of history after they were devasted in classic games! I can't wait to see if the Heat could pull out a game in Indiana 'cause if they win tonight, Reggie Miller's shot at the ring this year could fade away. I can't believe how quicky it changed from being one of the more boring playoff years to one of the greatest playoff years in NBA history, I love it! :biggrin: Edited by bigted
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Do y'all think the Pistons stand a chance in the Finals against the Lakers? I think it'll be a great series but unfortunately the Lakers'll win again! At least Karl Malone will get his ring, I feel bad for Reggie Miller though after the Bulls beat the Pacers all those years.
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[quote=jj,fp2004+May 6 2004, 03:40 PM]the lakers will be out soon too[/quote]
man are you really sure about that.
the lakers r doing pretty damn good.
so how was the last game they played?
did they win or lose?they kinda did bad in just 2 minutes b4 the half time
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[quote=Prince,Jun 2 2004, 03:36 PM]They're doing "pretty damn good" but you dont know if they "win or lose"? :dunno:[/quote]
it's just the last game they played.
I left it at half time and i don't know whether they won or lost
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[quote=bigted,May 4 2004, 06:40 PM]My picks are:
#1-Miami wins tonight
#2-Pistons sweep Nets
#3-Pacers beat Heat in 7
#4-Lakers over Spurs in 6
#5-Wolves over Kings in 7
#6-Pistons over Pacers in 6
#7-Lakers over Wolves in 5
#8-Lakers beat Pistons in 7(Bad Boys vs. Showtime in Finals all over again)[/quote]
As y'all can see my picks came out pretty damn good! :dancingcool: Maybe I should get a job on ESPN.
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[quote=sexywshgirl,Jun 4 2004, 11:46 PM]LAKERS will win the whole thang!! Go L.A.!! :thumb: :thumb:[/quote]
Yes. they will

I just proved to evey 1 the lakers r the man

i don't know how I proved it tho
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