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The playoffs were great this year, the Pistons played with teamwork and won the NBA Finals Ben Wallace proves that you don't have to score 20 points a game to be a great player, but if Karl Malone was healthy the Lakers would've won. I rather see Karl Malone retire than play for the Lakers again next year. :werd: It's great to see another team besides the Spurs or Lakers win an NBA title for a change! The Bulls will go all the way in 2005! :thumb:
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These playoffs for the most part have been brutal. However, I'm still STOKED over the fact the Lakers got their lunch handed to them. It wasn't even close. The Fakers went down in flames. Even if Malone was healthy(and he was healthy for Games 1 & 2) it wouldn't have mattered 'cause the Fakers suck!!! Detroit just opened a can of whup-&%$ on the Fakers.

I'm also happy because Malone & Payton still don't have rings. I never liked them anyway. They are very arrogant but then again they fit right in with the personality-challenged, self-absorbed Kobe Bryant.

They(Fakers fans and bandwagon jumpers) talked all that noise about the NBA should just give the title to L.A. cuz it's all wrapped up. NOT!!!!

[color=purple][b]LAKERS SUCK!! LAKERS SUCK!!! LAKERS SUCK!!!![/b][/color]

:werd: :rofl: :bowrofl: :kekeke: :dancingcool: :rock: :thumb:
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