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Will And Jeff The Tour Is ON !


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after hearing that, chris moyles mentioned a tour on radio 1 this morning, and listend back on the web site.

he says that the single is out in march and the "Will and Jeff are gonna go out on their first proper tour together for 16 years"

I'm taking this to be more than the hitch tour. as will was on his show in august and said about the I, Robot performance, so moyles whould of said it would be at the premier of hitch if thats what he was talking about

and as this was mentioned on UK radio this means definate UK tour dates

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actually he probably did


from me: "Of course Will doesn't want to tour without Jeff, so expect a Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince tour sometime in 2005. This will be Will and Jeff's first proper tour in about 16 years. So you don't wanna miss this! "

im the one who came up with the 16 year thing..unless he knew it already...

at what point in chris moyles show does he mention it? id like to listen

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Guest Guest_trac

Cool I missed a little of the Chris Moyles show... i heard him mention Will and touring but didn't here it all. Thanks for the info James I didn't think of going on line to hear it again. Will is gonna be on Parkinson in a couple of weeks so maybe he'll mention the tour then.

The Hitch premiere is 22nd Feb (uk) and Wills gonna be there. I phoned Columbia yesterday they couldn't give me any info about Will performing though. Probably you all know this already). I'm gonna try and get to London just incase!!

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