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Will And Jeff The Tour Is ON !


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Maybe he'll announce at the Leicester Sqaure Hitch premier show

i'm so there, it would be cool if it happend like that

i'm at work now Tim but i think it was about 2 hours 15 mins through the show, when i get home i will double check as i wrote it down

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cool, that makes me feel better for missing the leicester sq thing AGAIN!!!

I was listening to the chris moyles show for an hour this morning while driving and waiting for him to play switch. How did i miss it? i will go online and find it now.

it was yesterday julie

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well then thats y lol!  :kekeke:

people from liverpool :dunno:

maybe rooney is only smart person from there for joining man utd :kekeke:

any way back on topic

listen to the chris moyles show from tuesday go about 2 hours 20 mins and it's a song or two after that

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Will is gonna be on Parkinson in a couple of weeks

Thanks for that i didn't know! :bowdown:

man i always wanted to see Will on Parkinson!! should be dope!

I didn't know you got that in Aussie land

i checked the parky web site, and i says the new series starts in a couple of week and that details about guest will be on there soon

and for Julie


there is a section on that page headed listen again, it just on the right, click on the tuesday show use the 15 and 5 min button to go head to just about 2 hours and 20 mins into the show and then listen on from there.

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