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I never really post or visit on this board. There waz a time when i wrote at least one song or poem every nite. In the last few years, i've written less and less. This is just something i thought i'd post. I had it written about something specific, but as i wrote more i wanted 2 make it a more general topic. I still need 2 revise it (mostly the last half), but here it is. Oh yeah, and when i read the title of FP's new album, it did effect the last bit of it...which made me title it that way.

Lost + Found

Here i sit, a broken man

dwellin on my own mistakes

i slipped, i fell, and i have some scars

but it's really my heart that breaks

Can't imagin how i became so blind

2 not see all the wrong i've done

i look at my life and reazlize

i'm so far from where i begun

It's kinda funny how the sweetest thing in life

can turn out 2 be so sour

it's kinda funny how your eyes can open up

when u're in your darkest hour

but sometimes that darkess is needed

2 help u regain your sight

and now that i'm drowning in blackness

it's much easier 2 see the light

i'm not happy with what i've been thru'

but i really don't think i'd change it

cuz my brain waz very mixed up

and all this pain helped rearrange it

Now i'm taking these steps towards a better life

and i feel myself making ground

and i know that the past will fade a way

when u are a person who waz lost + found

This is just a situation where someone makes a few mistakes, they snowball in 2 something big, leading 2 a painful and low point in their life. From there they of course realize what they did, change their attitude or outlook on something, and if they truly commit 2 that, the past will fade away. Just a simple 'live and learn' situation.

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I like that man, u should post more often here in this section, encore, encore! :clap::clap: :ali:

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