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eminem: your opinion here


are you cool with eminem or do you hate him?!?!  

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  1. 1. are you cool with eminem or do you hate him?!?!

    • cool with him
    • he sucks!!

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I think that Eminem is overrated but he's not the worst rapper. He sucks though 'cause he's not great either!
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I liked Em's first record because it was witty and sarcastic. After that, his lyrics became too abrasive and explicit for me. Here are the four songs that I like from Em:

My Name Is


I Am

Lose Yourself.

If he would just stick to the type of lyrics he spit in those songs he would be better. He doesn't suck as an MC but his lyrics are like hot garbage right now.

I do have to admit I like the new D12 video, My Band. That joint is mad funny.
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As much as Eminem sucks, he'll still outlast 50 Cent, 'cause I see that 50 Cent is more of a one-hit wonder. I even find D-12 more entertaining than G-Unit now. Jazzy Jeff has better artists on his Touch of Jazz company than Dr. Dre does, even though the mainstream only knows about Jill Scott and Floetry, his rappers have skills that G-Unit and D-12 lack! JJFP have to join forces again!
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i think he sucks too, i really cant see where is talent is. Like i said on the other post he only sells bcoz of his lyrics. He forgets what rap is all about and its having fun, i dont wanna come home and listen 2 a record about some1 gettin killed.

Plus ive seen the type of fans he has, they arnt even into hip hop most of them.
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yeah it's true what u say JAzzy Julie . All my friends know that I like rap and hip-hop, r&b....and i know they don't. it's always the same, when they ask me what kind of music i like i always say rap , hip-hop........and they say: i like it too!!!!but when i ask them if they like people like nas, ll cool j,snoop dog, p.diddy(here he's only famous 'c0z he was daitin with J.Lo) or if they know who ja rule is... people have no idea so i let them to hear my records and say: i don't like it so much; and i always tell them:then u don't like it, you just like the commercial songs that everybody like , and they tell u that they like an Eminem song(like lose yourself or the real...).
If i'm not a big expert in music, just imagine my friends.....hahah :biggrin:
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Man, Eminem is a good dude.

Why hate him.His music is good, he's a good rapper, and he's my third fav.
Please don't hate him.Like Will Smith said, you don't got nothing good to say, don't say nothing.

I used to hate him too, until I started listening to his music.Don't judge him b4 you know him.
I hate it when he disses Will, but I still think that he's got respect 4 him.

Damn it guys, please b nice to Emenem just 4 once.
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