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Will Smith New Album


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If FP would have his people handle his own site, the music and movie news could all be updated regularly. But since his websites are always put 2gether by his record label, they can only focus on the stuff directly owned by the label. Since record companies have lots of different artists, they don't focus on the websites and usually only update them wen they have a new product.

If FP's camp handeled the site, it wouldn't have 2 change, the updates would be done more often, and all of the newz would be official.

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Men, I hope will's new album will come out as sooner as possible... I can't Wait, I need new stuff!! I think it's cool he's having so many collaborations and featurings 4 the new album.. do you remember Willennium?... Many featurings, and it was a masterpiece.. I think this album will be fantastic :thumb:

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